please, some thoughts.

there is an article in spinal cord journal my urologist has referenced by Dr. Claire Yang stating screening cystoscopies are not a good tool for early detection of bladder cancer in sci. the study is not available online unless you pay. though i have a copy of it. my urologist spent a long time talking to the author.

my urologist also found thru some research that alpha blockers such as flomax block dysreflexia and is wondering if that used a week ahead of time or so would allow her to do a cystoscopy in her office.

in the meantime, we have scheduled a cystoscopy for 15 feb with a spinal. she has advised i take the flomax now. and detrol to avoid bladder spasms. but we are wondering for the future.

is nitropaste good enough after the procedure and i am home? or would nefidipine be needed? thx.

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