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Thread: Eating right to avoid deep vein thromboses

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    Eating right to avoid deep vein thromboses

    People with spinal cord injury are at a high risk of getting deep vein thromboses even when they are not flying. However, this interesting article is about how airlines are changing the food they are serving: lower fat, salt, and sugar... higher fiber. Interesting.
    Headline news of June 14, 2007
    Read news overview for other news

    Eat wisely, fly safely
    Looking forward to that long-haul holiday? Just make sure that you move around and eat and drink the right things to reduce the risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis.

    If you add a meal rich in saturated fat into the mix, the problem may intensify, because saturated fats raise the levels of blood-fats after eating, which activates a substance called Factor 7 — a central component of the blood-clotting mechanism.

    Many airlines have responded by offering lighter food options — indicated by their Well-Being symbol — which include dishes lower in fat, salt and sugar and higher in fibre (BA does this).

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    Interesting, it definetely seems like airline food has gotten better in the last few years, more choices too. I've managed to get upgraded to business class on several occasions (pre-sci) and the entire experience including the food & wine was great! Also alot easier to walk around on long flights.

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    Thanks Wise. Didn't know that foods could affect clotting.

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    That is interesting...the food looks palatable too.

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    Daily aspirin can be helpful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Le Type Français
    Daily aspirin can be helpful.
    Ah, which reminds me that there are blood thinning herbs out there that mimic coumadin (a prescription blood thinner) and aspirin, a salicylate. This is provided for information only. Not suggesting that folks take them. I have chamomile, fenugreek and red clover teas in my pantry now. Most of these are available as teas and aren't dangerous unless you're already on a blood thinner. Too much blood thinner can cause excessive bleeding.

    Herbs containing Coumadin: angelica root, arnica flower, anise, asafoetida, celery, chamomile, fenugreek, horse chestnut, licorice root, lovage root, parsley, passionflower herb, quassia, red clover
    rue, sweet clover.

    Herbs thought to contain salicylates: Meadowsweet, poplar, willow bark.

    Herbs with Anti-platelet properties: bromelain, clove, onion and turmeric.

    st. johns wort and ginko should be avoided if taking a blood thinner too.

    Wise, do you think that green leafy veggies which are high in vitamin K can pose a risk to those predisposed to clotting?
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    Thanks for the tea info Antiquity. I already have camomile quite often and I never knew it helped this aspect too.

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    YW Cherry.

    Here's a link to the PDR for herbal medicines site. Lists just about every herb popular in the West anyway, and their properties.

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    Cool resource. Yeeeeessh, some of the names - ''I'll have half a pound of Bugleweed, a quart of bog bean oh and some Cola nut while you're there''

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    Food on airplanes??? What a novel idea!

    Wise, you must fly business or first class! I can't remember the last time I was fed on a flight within the USA (other than a few pretzels or peanuts). I pack a sack lunch when I fly coast to coast now.


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