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Thread: Vaginal irritation

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    Vaginal irritation

    I noticed this morning that I have an irritated area on my vagina, well I guess it's technically my labia. It's kind of a beefy red cracked area that seems kind of dry on the outside. What is this? I haven't had any problems with incontinence but I did have my period last week. What should I do?? My first thought was to use an ointment like A&D but then I thought maybe a powder would be better?? I do have some silvadene cream-would that help heal this?? Any and all help is appreciated!

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    Sounds like a bartholin cyst. I have had a few of those and its always been right before my menstrual cycle. Putting Epson salt in a warm wash cloth and applying to the area has always made mine go away. Good luck!


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    I would use warm moist soaks 2-3X daily, but avoid Epson salts on a mucosal area like this. If it is not better in 3-4 days, see your primary care physician or gyn.


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