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Thread: New Tilite ZRA chair! And what happens when it isn't "right"

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI_OTR
    It's possible that the folks at TiLite could actually be reading your posts (along with hundreds of potential TiLite users). Maybe you should keep this story line going, let the plot develop, and see if it has a happy ending.
    SC_OT..................YOU DA MAN.

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    Cool! Will keep it a good ol' soap opera!

    The best parts so far have been:
    Having a place like this to come whine and moan when spirits were low.
    Tilite being so helpful.
    Kik being incredibly understanding and helpful, even though I will not (currently) have their tires on my chair.
    Local DME and Ti-rep here for my area working together, and with TiLite HQ, to make things right.

    In the end, because of all the info I have gathered and tried from this forum, I will be able to do those final tweaks, and possible "home brew fabrications," myself, and with a good amount of confidence.

    Thx to CareCure Forums, and everyone here. You guys make a difference.
    (pretty sappy, eh? )

    Next up: results, and... hopefully pics!
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    I have had my 2nd chair for over a year. I feel like I am "sitting on top" too.

    I have kept using my first one because this one is way wrong.

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    i dont think youve said anything wrong - i remember how horrible it was when my 2nd chair arrived and how bad it made me feel. i stuck it out for 5 months, and wished i hadnt. i went back to my first chair, which didnt truely suit me any more, but was a hell of a lot better than the monstrsity they insisted they had measured me for... and now (3 years later) im in my 3rd, and so so relieved..... but its only correct because i had more contact with tilite than the moronic dealers, and i corrected all their mistakes. for my next purchase im skipping the exhorbitantly-priced dealers and going with sportaid - ill save enough money to pay for the 2 week holiday im going to take in the us when i pick it up, and more

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    Just over one week later, and I am STILL without my chair. I do not know (yet) who is at fault. Not sure if I care...ok, yeah, I DO care, and alot.

    I was told that TiLite waited until yesterday, Wed the 5th of Sept to mail off the new parts to try and get this chair "right." Granted, I chose the pushrims, despite not being afforded a demo. But, with push handles for the back that are DRASTICALLY different than the demo I was given, which had been to the TiLite main headquarters itself for a slight overhaul to meet the specs I wanted for trying it out, several settings being different than what the demo was set at, etc...well, it is starting to irk me that I wait for them.

    Pro-active? Yes, I have been. Overly demanding? Nah, I am not quite ready to push my luck. TiLite has been great with me personally, but everytime my local DME and local TiLite rep are involved, I end up frustrated and on the short end of the stick, which is BS IMO.

    Local TiLite rep claims he is unable to locate the demo chair to review settings and to swap the bolt on push handles. The settings and measurements on the new chair DO NOT match what I had with the demo. Period. I tried to measure it, but I was told 3 different ways, and then when I asked for someone to give me the measurements; when I asked my TiLite rep from this area to do one simple thing: please obtain, or at least verify with TiLite HQ what the measurements and settings were, I was given them. They were WRONG. I think they should be correctable. Given that, I feel the rest of my complaints, the little things like clothing guards and tires, should be handled with due attention and expediency to try and smooth things over a bit. LOL! I almost finished that without laughing...or screaming...

    Chair arrived with different bolt-on push handles, which should have been easy to resolve: swap, or return, and I will make a damn set. Chair arrived with cloth clothing guards, which I had ordered, sight unseen. Ooops, huge mistake. If you set yur chair up with very little dump/squeeze, and/or have the seating position high enough, I could possibly see them doing something. My legs still had the tires rubbing against my pants with the guards on. The guards were too low. No matter what tension you put on them, they ALWAYS bulge. I guess I should have guessed the latter via common sense. So, how to resolve that? Well, have TiLite send two sets of carbon fibre guards down, large and small. Betcha they send aluminum or something crazy. Regardless, I do not see how it takes one week to find two sets to send out so a customer can try them to see which work properly.

    Push rims. Anodized black aluminum. Simple enough...or so I thought. Maybe this causes a one week delay?

    The Shox Firm (black) tires arrived today. Once the TiLite pack arrives, I should be ready. I was told the TiLite package did not ship until yesterday. So who do I trust on this one? TiLite? My local DME?

    TiLite has been good to me so far in my personal, direct dealings. The rest has been shoddy. Everyone makes you feel like THEY are doing you some great favor, providing you with new "legs" or performing some great miracle, and that you should be completely patient and accept what you are being dealt.

    Tomorrow is supposed to be "the day." There is a part of me that simply wants to make a final stand; to draw that oh-so-famous line in the sand. Present me with the chair, outfitted properly, by 6pm tomorrow, or refund me. If I cannot be fartin around town Saturday afternoon, checking it, throwing lock-tite on bolts, making minor adjustments and smiling like..well, throw your own "like xxxxxxxx" in there. If not, then f' it. Not worht my time, not worth m,yfrustration, and they damn sure do not deserve a dime. If it is one person or place's fault, let them eat crow and $$ on it. If it is a bit of all three, split the crow and the $$. Fight amongst yourselves. It sure as hell is not my fault. The pushrims were, and I agreed to lose the difference in cost between the two to exchange them out. They were used for like 10 minutes. The tires..well, another story, and I already paid for that one. But the rest? Sorry, not my fault. And I will not pay, or lose sleep, over it.

    Hopefully I will posting something happier tomorrow. If not, I might have to "have a slight mistake" while using my current chair, prompting the need for a new one, and go through a different DME to grab a Colours chair this time. Overreacting? Dramatizing a bit? You betcha! This is my legs, it is how I get around.

    And Tilite- if you are reading- thank you for the help before. I would truly love to know the truth of what is going on. You could have called me to see if there was anything you could do, especially after my calls prior to receiving the chair, and the conversations that explained my lack of faith in who I had dealt with outside the main HQ. Maybe that is too much to ask tho, and I could even accept that.

    Rant, rant, rant. I just want my chair. Please.
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    TiLite ZRa, Spinergy LX 24", Shox Firm tires, 3" volcanic glare rollerblade wheels for casters

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    i have a tilite zra and it was HORRIBLE for a year never felt right. i finally found a seating specialist who knew what she was doing. tore the whole chair apart changed everything even turned the brackets underneath upsidedown to get me lower to the floor. i thought spendfing money for a hard backrest from adirides was the way to go. but me being a c6 it was just pushing me foward had no balance. she swapped it out for an adjustable fabric backrest and wowww i feel "normal".

    but, what im trying to say is dont give up on the zra. once its adjusted right its awesome! if you wanna get to seattle or even tacoma i bet she could fix you up

    good luck

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    Nah, you aren't being unreasonable. You pay thousands... you SHOULD expect EXACTLY what satisfies you. If it were ME, one more F0rk up and you can KEEP your chair, refund my money, PERIOD.
    I hate to say I told ya so, but, I told ya so.... GO COLOURS, cheaper, better, better looking, all points ADJUSTABLE and mine only weighs 23 pounds WITH cusion. Best 999 bucks that I ever spent...that my Mom paid for, Bless her heart!
    Colours....Colours....Colours (not the movie )
    Best dang chair manufacturer OUT there!
    I can not STAND being hosed when my hard earned money (or MomZ) is on the line. Heck, I can't stand looking a gift horse in the mouth and seeing food in his teeth
    One word....

    Sorry they hosed ya, hope you gettim set straight w/o too much pokin' and proddin' ...'s not just for bats anymore, it makes good persuaders AND wheelchairs in the hands of a competent user

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    Only if every DME representative is as knowledgeable and competent as SCI_OTR, there wouldn't be that many unsatisfied customers out there. The manufacture makes the chair according to spec that were submitted to them, if the person specc'ing you messes up, then its over. Probably best to research and learn how to spec your own chair and order through sportaid or spinlife, and save a couple hundread, plus you would know what you are getting.

    Hope everything works out for you at the end Nikki.
    May 2000, T4-5 Complete.


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    Thx for the words from those who understand (erm...all of us? ).

    I have the chair!
    No pics yet, I really want it to be "done" when I finally do.

    Now the fun stuff...

    My A4, the one I despised so, actually wasn't bad by the time I got the new one. Having spent so much time scouring and picking up tips here, and having spent hours- easily in the 30 hour range- of tweaking that poor A-4 to get it so it fit right...well, let me say this: I now truly feel it is having a chair that, while an "off the rack" type of deal (compared to a Lasher type!), it comes down to how well you know HOW the chair works, and how each piece affects every other. Change COG 1/2", and you WILL have other things affected. Change cushions, and there go several settngs sometimes., new chair. The problems are all resolved...almost. TiLite sent the wrong brackets for the clothing guards. They sent ones with a pin that appears to require a hole in the frame to clamp down flush; I am guessing it is to hold that sucker in place. I think it does not need THAT much to hold the bracket, but ok. Proper brackets should be here next week, and with no rain in sight, no worries. Went with the larger plastic/carbon fibre ones BTW; exceed the wheel height just a tad, perfect!

    Push handles: they are looking for some old style, but I already said screw it. I wil simply buy a pipe cutter, trim these down, take the cut ends, line them up, mark the tube of the handles, and then tap an al on th emarks, and drill new holes to hold them. Or, I might just move my A-4 ones over, since they have cotter pins to hold them- easy remove. Nice.

    Black aluminum push rims, all good. Black Shox Firms, totally great. Going from a Keen 2.5" cushion (real squishy, flattens over time, prolly only 2" after 2 months use) with STF of front= 18", rear=14.5" to the ZRA with a 2.75" Stimulite Classic cushion...well, for now at least, to "sit" similarly, I lowered the rear STF on the new chair to 14", with front at 18". 1/2" dump change is not bad so far, might keep it.

    Now the "grrr" things.

    WTH are TiLite thinking with the front casters? Phillips head axles with soft metal? $&%*^*#Y# I want to take a socket wrench and smack the idiot whose idea that was. Save weight? THERE?!?!?!? Not sure what I will do with it. I used a phillips that was one size smaller than I should have used, gave a slight turn, and almost completely stripped the damn head. Loosening, not tightening by mistake even. BS, stupid...grrr!!! So, if someone actually reads this whole thing, and has encountered this, and has found a suitable replacement, PLEASE! let me know. Maybe a new thread? (yeah, think I will). My A-4: I love the axles. I dont care if the axles weight 1-2oz more than the TiLite ones. They are wicked solid, and I beat the heck out of them. Seriously beat them. And I simply use a socket on either side to remove/clean/replace the casters. Some lock-tite and I am very happy. No way are they coming off, and I seriously doubt the parts would break. Hardened steel or stainless for this, I dont know I would trust what is on there.

    Next- tippers. TiLite has a max rear tipper FTW (FTW-hehehe, no not that acronym...Floor To Wheel, bottom of that wheel) is like 2-2.5" (policy, protects them from lawsuits I would gather). Basically, at the highest setting, I cannot even leave my house with the tippers down. The tippers affix down low, and a such, are difficult to reach to flip up and such. So, that means: time for some substitutes. No worries, unless th epeople who make them do not understand basic geometry. Or physics. OK, so only common sense is required..., my A-4 had a max of ~5". Still too low for me, so I simply removed the extensions completely, and then cut the main tube to allow me to use a FTW of 5.75", which is the max I can do, based on common sense (or basic geometry and physics ), without using an entirely new tube set. The TiLite tippers allow a max of... ~2.5". Yep, they actually engineered them to sit behind the back edge of the rear wheel enough, and the geometry of that only allows a max of that 2.5" before Whoops! You flip if you shorten the FTW by cutting tube and drilling new wheel axle holes, etc. So, the ONLY way to attain a higher FTW with the ZRA is to find new tipper tubes, or fashion a set. I told these guys (local DME) that I was using a FTW of 5.75" with my A-4 now, but that the tippers the local rep stuck on the demo were PERFECT. Did they get those? Hehehehe, no. They decided to fashion a set themselves. Oh, but they did so minus the basic geometry and physics knowledge (RE: common sense). I have the original TiLite tippers, and now this...frakenset. The frankenset tippers are 5.75" FTW. But, they do not extend back far enough to allow one to tip back onto them without flipping over completely. Basically like an FA handing you a pillow for a crash "ease the possible landing jostling." With the local Ti rep being MIA and who knows if he will even help now, and with TiLite having their protection policy (max 2.5"), I am now completely on my own. Hardware store trip today, and hopefully I will be able to use my chair!

    I will post pics. They are very boring pics, especially after this thread. All black with a little titanium showing here n there, and Volcanic Glare rollerblade wheels on the front; they light up, but only when moving. So, nothing exciting while sitting still. Later today, tonight maybe. Yes, this is not a fictional chair!
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    Apart from the caster axles, hows everything else working out and how is the fit and comfort? Your hips are not pushing against the wheels anymore? Did you have to pay extras for those carbon sideguards that were sent to you?
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