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Thread: New Tilite ZRA chair! And what happens when it isn't "right"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott Pruett
    AMEX is fantastic for treating cardholders well & going after companies that try and screw customers over. Been there done that. Don't bring lawyers into the mix unless you really need to.
    I once had a company refuse to accept AMEX on the grounds that they offered too much consumer protection.

    "We have met the enemy and he is us."-POGO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nikki-k
    Update, again.
    Working solely with Tilite for a few days now, sent pics and stuff, and they determined it had, erm, basically not been treated/worked on properly. Supposedly it will get a rear-end rebuild, proper parts fitted where necessary, and then due to the original specs being wrong from the local guys (based on the now "unlocatable demo chair"), they will be doing a custom set of forks so the front STF height can be set properly with 3" casters.

    Despite the whole thing taking so long, and having to build a custom box to return the chair (wheels stay, they are setting up the shipping, with FedEx coming to my house for pickup; they are "in my back yard" so turn around should be minimal), I am really happy with TiLite. The guy I intially worked with, trying to get things right, ended up with Bronchitis after 2 days fo trying to figure what was wrong, and how to remedy. I would say that is my bad luck, but I wasn't the one who kept trying to get to work, but could not because they were sick.

    I went back and checked, and I placed the order with the local guys here in Portland on July 18th, my Dad paid on the 19th. One major holdup was the wheels. Black spokes and black hub on Spinergy LX wheels is a special order, with up to a 30 day wait. Hopefully I will have it back, finally right, for the first week of October.
    Nikki, To what do you account for the turn around in customer service? From your previous posts it appeared that you were being left to hang out and dry.

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    I think what happened is that I have now completely cut out the local DME supplier, as well as the local rep. Once I had the chair for a couple weeks, could not get the local DME guys to set-up or fix it properly, TiLite listened and responded. Unfortunately, the guy I spoke to intially came down with bronchitis, delaying action for about 5 business days. In that time, I gave the local guys one final try to fix what they had broken. They made it worse, and after I sent pics of their handiwork to the (now bronchitis-less) guy at TiLite, they finally put their foot down and said enough is enough. I think they, and I, were trying to give these local guys the benfit of the doubt, and I think TiLite would like to know their local people can resolve issues. I have been assigned a new local place for any further repairs once I have the chair back.

    TiLite has been stellar. Unfortunately, everything to this point should have been able to be resolved with the local DME guys. It should have been a simple matter of correcting a few things the local rep got wrong in translation, and two parts (handrims and clothing guards) that I simply had no chance to see or try before buying, and found out afterward that I preferred something else (oddly, it works out in their favor financially, even considering the extra time the local DME guys put in).

    One issue I have run into is that nowhere on the TiLite site does it mention that 3" casters cannot be used in the uppermost hole of their forks. It will be fine if you are indoors, or completely flat land only. Otherwise, the forks stick out enoug htat when abrupt changes are met, endo's are the result. The forks simply hit too easily. When I spoke to a tech guy at TiLite, he agreed the forks were not meant ot have a 3" caster in the upper position. The site, and all the reps and DME guys I have spoken to said the only "restriction" for the forks were using 5" or 6" casters in the upper holes, as they physically would not fit due to diameter/radius. Mosty likely, grinding down the bottom of the fork will be the only way to attain the front STF I will want/need with the new Supracore Classic I will now be using. With my original cushion, a Keen 2.5" that has settled and sunk down a little..more like 2-2.25" now, a front STF of 18" is what was planned. Not being able to drop to 17.5" like I was assured I would be able to do is a big problem. While it could be claimed it is my fault for not trying the top hole with the 3" casters on the demo, I feel that it is not, since I blatantly inquired about this to 3 people at the very least, maybe 1 or 2 others additionally. TiLite rep, local DME guys, as well as 1 or 2 TiLite employees. I was pressed to give the demo back, I was pressed to use local DME guys, and was pressed to spend more than I wanted to. While I have defended my own life with no feeling of regret in the past, and stand up for my rights at the drop of a hat (I even confronted my Harley-guy contractor several years ago with no qualms; sat there with a Barreta 92fs in my lap, and explained that he needed to do his work properly, and in a timely fashion ), I have found it so very difficult to stand up for myself in this case. Very odd, and very frustrating and a bit depressing. But, eventually I had had enough, and if you had heard my final conversation with the local DME guys, I think even Fuentejps would have been proud

    Part of me feels I have softened a bit with age, and as time passes being a paraplegic, I find myself trying more and more to "not be in the way" and "not be a burden" to those around me. Maybe it is a complete reaction to those I see who feel that even the slightest disability makes them entitled to some bit of golden fleece, and to be cow-towed to at every moment. Observing that amount and level of complete disrespect for those around them, as if their disability (and some VERY minute disabilities) has seperated them...almost lifted them above...the rest of society. I think maybe I try to provide something the complete opposite, so that it might magically wash clean that bitter taste I see others leaving behind. <sigh> Hopefully, as a result of this adventure, I will find that happy medium. I think I have learned, once again, that balance is what is needed. And that if I let someone place their foot on me, walking will not be far behind.

    Sorry for the long posts...
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    Nikki, you are absolutely correct on the caster fork. Footnote 7 on the ZR/ZRa order form even states:
    Front Seat Height (C) is adjustable up or down by 1/2".
    I wouldn't be surprised to see a change in that footnote given the problem that this created for you. Even a 4" caster in the highest hole would not be all that practical.

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    i have a stimulite sport cushion, which is only 2 inches high. i dont know if they use different layers of honeycomb in the stimulite classic, but i find the sport comfy (i have full sensation).

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    Quote Originally Posted by nikki-k
    ...and from the side, flash on!

    I used some 3M reflective tape, black, so I am more visible when using crosswalks and such. We have little daylight during the winter, and we have people that get hit walking or on bikes...wheelchairs can be less visible, so I figured with as black as I have... Once I put the LED casters on, hopefully I will be visible enough.

    Now the tippers. Yep, they are crooked! LOL! With no "real" tools to do this, they came out crooked, but the wheels touch down almost flush when the chair is tilted back fully on them. Basic geometry and physics. At least 200-225 of tipped weight should be able to flip and land square, preventing a full flip over with them, and they do not add more than a few inches of horizontal dimension to the chair. Shorter than the A-4, turning in small spaces is still a go.

    So there it is. Someday I might be able to toddle around in it. After nearly 2 months though, the distaste , frustration and everything else has made it more than bittersweet. If I could simply get some axles to use the wheels with my A-4, I would be tempted. Alot more went on that was not written about here. Maybe I have spent my life not getting into drama and all that stuff, and now the paraplegic thing has thrown me into a new world, and I have not figured how to survive it yet. The A-4 has been my "learning chair." This forum has helped me get it to where it is so usable now, I dont know that I would have done the ZRa purchase. Love the Spinergy wheels though! And the Shox tires have been a pleasant suprise. With so much going on, I even had the fun of getting sick in my sleep and inhaling it. If you ever had water go down the wrong pipe, imagine that in your sleep, but with hot lava. Luckily I woke up almost immediately, and was able to get most of it out. I just want to live my damn life...

    IS THIS 3'' COG ?

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    O,o Wow, what a mees gald you shared. Thanks.
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