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Thread: The "Dually" Concept--An Alternative to Coated Rims? Part Deux.

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    The "Dually" Concept--An Alternative to Coated Rims? Part Deux.

    It's no secret that I am a big fan of the Primo Passage Tire (Hell, I use it as my avatar). I'm a C6-7 ASIA D quad with relatively good right hand function, but I only have a gross grasp/release in my fingers and minimal thumb function on the left. As a result, I can't grip a normally mounted aluminum handrim very efficiently. I can push off the Passage tread with the handrim mounted close (i.e. "short tabs") very efficiently and have done this with my work chair for a couple years. While this works just about every place I go, doing this for 10 yards in the parking garage at work turns my palms black. I can use plastic coated handrims, but would prefer to stay with an aluminum rim for braking, to be able to squeeze though tight spaces without damaging the coating, for durability, and because I like to rub/tap my wedding band against the rim as I approach intersections or hallways/doroways at the hospital to warn people so that they don't step in front of me. I also feel I have better control of the chair if I don't wear push gloves.

    What about NaturalFit handrims? They would probably work with my right hand, but they add weight. More-importantly, while they may be "ergonomically" designed for a normal hand, but my hand does not conform to the concave shape of the thumb piece due to atrophy of my thenar muscles.

    Today, I tried something that may have some potential for those of us who lack the hand function to use a NaturalFit or grasp a non-coated rim, but still have some grasp. I switched over to long tabs, but instead of pushing off the the 25x1 Primo Passage, I inserted a 24x1 Primo Cross Court tire between the Passage and the handrim (there is nothing actually attaching it to the rim and no inner tube is used).

    I think that I may be on to something here. It actually worked about as well as my Primo Passage/short tab setup, but with no black streak on my hands. You can see the gunk on the Passage (which had been clean when I left the clinic on the way to the parking garage).

    The Cross Court has a similar tread pattern to the Passage. It provides good traction, but will not tear up your hands. As you could see, the fit isn't exactly perfect, but I used it for a few hundred yards without a problem. Using the current setup, the Cross Court would be prone to rolling off with extended use, but 22x1 tire would probably fit perfectly.

    There is another concept here which could possibly take this to a totally different level. If the inner tire could be made more rigid without gaining much weight, it would provide insurance in the event of a flat since it has a larger diameter than the Spinergy rim. Another potential benefit could be better traction in snow or on irregular surfaces event though it would have a low rolling resistance on normal surfaces.

    I'd appreciate any feedback form CC members to take this idea a step further. If I do not reply, then the corporate evildoers from the medical industrial complex have succeeded in silencing me.

    Talk amongst yourselves...
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    I don't think I could push effectively w/ that space filled in, even though I have less hand fxn than yourself... but hey, if it works for you, who am I to argue?

    As for the idea of making the tire more rigid, what about a set of Makos or Shox vs. the Primos?

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    Makos or shox is a good idea, but they are heavy. Maybe some light foam inserts inside the primos?
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    With a Passage mounted in close, I can push fairly efficiently using only my palms. In fact, I can roll to the vending machine with my fingers closed to hold the coins. Makos or Shox would tear up my hands and don't provide the same traction. They also create a hexagonal shape because the bend at the tabs. The specific rubber compound and tread patterns of the Passage and Cross Court are the reason's they work well for me. A foam insert may work and could be trimmed to the proper circumference.

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    thats very interesting... im going to think about it bit. i use schwalbe marathon plus evos with dual grip handrims mounted close - i push on the tyres for slopes up and on the dual grips for fine adjustments - so i still get the grip. then i use the smooth side of the dual grips to slow down.

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    Spinergy is working on a wheel similar to your setup. The handrim is attatched to the wheel with a rubbery neoprene type material. It's similar to a natural fit, but lighter. Not sure when they're going to be selling them.

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    dammit dood, you're the best asset to come to this community since fuente, haha.

    thats a damn good idea...

    does it stay attached? or would ya hafta figure some way to keep it from runnin off the rim/area?


    uhmmm, NM. read it again.

    smaller tire!!!!!!!! got my miniscule brain thinkin, haha.

    i got slight right hand movement. but goin down ramp with no glove=BURNNNNNNNN!!!!!
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    The "Dually" Concept--An Alternative to Coated Rims? Part Deux

    This is the setup I'm going to run on my left wheel tomorrow. I carved the tread section from a 24x1 Primo CrossCourt and stretched it around the 25x1 handrim with tie wraps to hold it it place, drilled holes and used 1/8" pop rivets at each tab with another two spaced in between tabs to hold it on. I still have a smooth outside edge for braking and clanging my wedding band and it seems like its on pretty firmly. I'll let everyone know if it works tomorrow.

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    Very nice, its like handrims coated with vinyl, except...its coated with primos! Thats genius!
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    Quote Originally Posted by JAYCUE
    Spinergy is working on a wheel similar to your setup. The handrim is attatched to the wheel with a rubbery neoprene type material. It's similar to a natural fit, but lighter. Not sure when they're going to be selling them.
    Maybe they will introduce them at Medtrade in October. Can't wait to go.

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