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Thread: OMG Some older man hit on me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by canuck
    Chris don't take my words out of context, I get into enough trouble with women on my own I don't need your help
    Hey, I didn't take your words out of context - I quoted your entire post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lindox
    Older guys sometimes hit on younger women..and vice-a-versa. I doubt when he said you looked unusual he meant anything except you were braless.

    He did leave you with the statement of his day would be better if he were with you. Doesn't sound like he was devo or even predatory..just an older guy looking for lust in the wrong place.

    You are very pretty..and you were the one that mentioned your best friend was going off to England next month. Let your best friend think about the fact that do get hit on.

    At least this guy asked if you were time when this may happen and you don't wish to continue the conversation tell them yes.

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    No defence of any position taken here ...older woman are known as cougars ...older men are known as "old farts"? I object!


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