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Thread: Tired of hearing "Find a new physician, specialist, etc."

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    Tired of hearing "Find a new physician, specialist, etc."

    Quite often here on CareCure I see it recommended people find a new physician, specialist, etc..

    What kind of "specialists" should I seek out (please give a brief description of what they do, not just name; physiatrist, etc., I don't know them all).

    Of course I have a urologist. I have access to a VA SCI Center 250 miles away, where I get my primary care. But what do I do in the way of specialized care in the interim, closer to home. Medication issues would be one area, Pain is a biggie too.

    Is there a way to background check doctors other than Web search i.e. an official database or something like it.

    Thanks for any advice,


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    Don't you have a local VA SCI Support Clinic??? They are required to have a SCI Coordinator, and most have a trained support clinic team with a physician and either an NP or RN, plus the social worker. They are supposed to provide your day-to-day primary care needs in addition to coordinating any special needs with consultation from or referral to your SCI center. We talk to our support clinics staff almost daily, and formally every week in a conference call.


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    80 miles away. Thanks, KLD, I know I should know this stuff by now.
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