So Monday morning when I came home from my midnight shift, I said to David, "Let's go and get your health card renewed as well as your passport." There was a problem with lengthly wait times in Canada for passports earlier this year because of the threat of the States on border control, but it's since been streamlined into a waiting period of 10 days. I've been bugging him all summer to finish this - he has to be prodded sometimes lol. I thought we'd be home by noon - wrong!

Anyways, four, yes four!, hours later .. I'm sitting down by the river on a beautiful day. I decided to wait in the car because I was too tired to do anything else. I was getting extremely tired and bored and restless. I didn't want to run the air conditioning (obviously in our generation of global warming awareness) so I sat with the driver's side window open and the passenger window cracked enough to let air flow through. I was leaning back with my eyes closed and didn't want someone to reach through the passenger window and grab my Prada (lol). Minding my own beeswax! I was starting to get really warm - I reached back to put my hair up. I discreetly slipped my underwire off (shut up! girls do it!) I was sure no one saw me.

Then out of nowhere, I see this newer dark blue Chrysler 300 pull up beside me, despite a plethora of other empty parking spots (you get to noticing things like that when working at the police station - first thing what the person looks like, wearing etc - force of habit from asking people all the time). So it looked like a dapper dressed professional older man - maybe 60 - wearing a golf shirt with nicely trimed hair and moustache - I smiled and went back to leaning back in my seat.

"Beautiful day isn't it?" he called through his open window into mine.

"Yes, absolutely gorgeous!" I answered.

"It's nice to come and sit down by the river, isn't it?"

"Oh yes," I said, "We are so lucky to be by the water."

"Waiting for someone?"

"Yes, a friend."

"Oh, banking downtown are they?"

"No actually he's getting his passport. He's headed back to England next month."

"Oh." A moment of silence. "Is he your boyfriend or husband?"

Remembering a conversation that David and I had recently about the stalemate of our relationship (I want to get married, he doesn't think we need to and neither one of us know where we stand), I answered, "No actually we're just best friends."

"Well what are you going to do if he goes back to England?"

"Stay in Canada and keep working!" I said with a laugh.

"So if you're not attached, do you .." and I can't remember what he said because it put me into a state of shock. Seriously! lol I just remember feeling harassed - a bit agressive.

My heart lept into my throat. "No I'd rather sit here and wait for my friend, sorry but thanks anyway." I must be some sort of idiot but remember I was a bit stunned, lol. OMG!

"So you're attached then."

"Yes, I guess I am."

He started up the car. I smiled and said, "I'm sorry."

He replied, "No that's okay. I just happened to be driving by and you struck me as - unusual." WTF!? I was thinking - you just hit on me and now you insult me .. unusual? What the hell is that!?!?!

He started to back out of the parking spot. "You have a great day," I called as I watched him.

"It would have been better if I'd have been with you," and with that he drove off. I noticed he drove by again but I picked up my cell phone and proceeded to call directory assistance so I could call the passport office and direct David back to the car immediately! lol

Ten minutes later David finally showed up and I exclaimed, "Oh my gawd I've been trying to reach you, some freak just hit on me and he was agressive!" Obviously I don't get out much ...

He looks around with a stern look on his face. "Where is he? What did he say?" Yeah, best friends my arse - don't look so concerned David. He noticed I wrote down the license plate with a description on a napkin. Then he says, "Jenn when did you take off your bra and how much later did he show up?" LMAO!

Sheepishly, "About half an hour before."

"Yeah, exactly," he smiles and gets into the car.

All the way home I'm barraging him with questions. "David, do you think he thought I was a working girl? I mean it's a hot sticky day, I'm wearing a cotton shirt ... prostitutes don't own cars do they!?!!"

"How do I know?!" he laughs.

"You should know these things. You're a guy!" I laugh in return. "Do I look unusual? What the hell does that mean!? David I haven't gotten ugly in my old age have I?!" He just keeps laughing. I'm thinking he must have thought I was 'on the clock.'

David starts singing, "Hi HO, hi HO, it's HOFF to work you go.." and "HOOO OOOH say can you seeeee...." Goof!

I go to bed. Can't sleep I'm so ... perplexed ... I don't know any other word for it. I'm watching Dr Phil on bullying dads, lol. I've been up almost twenty hours now. Somewhere around 4pm I fall asleep.

I woke up this morning at 5am. David's home from his midnight shift and I can hear him in the living room. I get up to see him and and the first thing he says is, "What does Santa say every year? Oh yeah - HO HO HOOO!" OMG! Not again!

That was my Monday. lol How was your start of the week?