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Thread: wedding issues in a w/c

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    wedding issues in a w/c

    me and my girl are talking about getting married in the next year or two, and i was thinking what you do when you are supposed to dance with your wife at the reception? do you just skip it or what? i would feel real awkward having her sit on my chair in front of everyone. are there any other issues that people have had that can help me make this day run smoothly.

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    First, I hope you have looked into any financial and benefit implications for getting married. You do need to consider this.

    I have been to a number of weddings where the men where in chairs and their brides were AB. If dancing was part of the reception, they all danced. Just last summer I went to one where the groom has a C4 injury. They planned their dance well in advanced, and practiced a lot. Some of the dance was with her on his lap, during which he used his tilt in space to do a few "dips", other parts had her holding his hand and dancing around the chair while he did spins. It was lovely, and very romantic.

    Of course dancing is not required. If you don't want to have it at your wedding celebration, you can just eliminate that cost.


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    Congratulations! and I say have her sit on your lap. We go dancing all the time and when slow dancing there's no other way to get close. Strangers have come up to us crying to let us know how beautiful we are. I guess it makes them think how lucky they are to stand. Watch out though, some other girl, sometime in the night, decides it's ok for her to sit on my husbands lap to dance!

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    Congratulations. I know I have read something on this before, so I did a search on wedding and dance and came up with some interesting threads ..... going back up to 5 years.
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    Let me caution you... if she will be wearing satin... it's very slippery and tuxedo pants are too.... so sitting on your lap should be I ditched my plan for doing the lap thing for fear of sliding off during the "first dance"... good thing I did, later at the reception, we were taking goofy pictures and I did actually slide (see first attached pic).. I even got tire marks on the back of my dress. I've done it wearing jeans with no problem.
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    I've been to an AB wedding where the couple invited other married couples up to dance in their stead.
    The dj would announce...Mr&Mrs so and so would like to invite
    Mr&Mrs joe Schmo who have been married 50 years to dance
    Mr&Mrs.yada yaddawho have been married 40 years and down the line to the couple married the shortest time. It was nice.

    KLD ya gotta have dancin'!!!
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    opps... sorry about the blurry photo.... that wasn't a professional pic
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    thanks for the info everyone!

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    we just skipped the dancing (saved money in that department) and spent a lot of time visiting with our family and friends instead-which was very nice since we really don't get to see some of them any more

    Also, simpilicity is the best-we had a western-ish wedding where we all wore jeans and white shirts, and of course there was some extra mischief-my new husband walked into the reception with a hangman's noose and proclaimed "I'VE BEEN HUNG!!!!!!!!"

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    It was not the best video but you get the idea real quick. Check out and practice the waltz so you can dance with your bride and your mom and your wife won't feel awkward dancing with her dad. Obviously you don't need to be championship material. Just be average and make adjustments so you don't roll over her dress. I always liked Moon River myself.
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