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    Having A Baby

    My husband is t-6 t-7 paraplegic. We have started the process of trying to conceive. I am running into a BRICK wall & am so distraught!

    We've tried vibratory stimulation once & got alot of leg spazism & stomache tightening but nothing produced. Now, the doctor is saying our only option is Electro or the needle procedure & both would require IVF. I spoke to the doctor by phone tonight & told him that I had read that we should try the vib stim at least 3 times but he won't do it. He says he has NEVER tried more than once. We cannot afford IVF. My husband is open to a donor program but I am just wanting to make sure we do everything we can before resorting to that. We live in Birmingham, AL & there doesn't seem to be ANYONE else besides this ONE doctor that handles these types of situations! I was just wondering if anyone has any advise on this.......please please help!

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    Sounds like you need to find another physician. We alway try vibratory stim 3X at the first appointment, then if that does not work we see the patient back at least once before we give up and go onto electroejaculation (which tends to produce poorer quality sperm).

    Even with electroejaculation, IVF has the best chance of success in SCI. Intravaginal has a low success rate. Intrauterine insemination has a little higher success rate. In my experience if you have to do testicular aspiration, your only option would be ICSI, which is much more expensive than IVF.

    Did he get AD during the procedure? If not, you might want to consider getting your own vibrator and trying it on your own. They are not cheap, but cheaper than seeing a lot of doctors.

    Have you checked out the resources here: ??? This includes a booklet on SCI male fertility therapies as well as a list of experienced SCI fertility clinics. Have you spoken to anyone at Spain Rehab at UAB about this to see if they can recommend anyone else? Marca Sipski, MD is there now, and may be able to point you to some resources. You are not far from FL, so you might consider the Miami Project's fertility program.


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    Thanks for the info SCI nurse. Unfortunately another doctor is not an option. Yes, we go to Spain Rehab for when hubby has pressure sores. EVERYONE points us to the SAME doctor that only wanted to try this once. We went to the office they vibrated hubby for 20 mins 3 mins on 3 mins off and that was it. He wont do it again. I even had the doctor call me that night after the appt & he said that he has NEVER done it twice. We were just wasting time with my age being 36 we didnt have the time to waste on trying it again. very sad news. I do not know what AD means?? please explain....

    yes, I have viewed that website. I have really done my homework. Miami is a LONG way away for us. We are thinking of just doing an anonymous donor with IUI. that is basically all we can afford. I just really wanted to exhaust all avenues before resorting to that.

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    AD = autonomic dysreflexia. At his level he would be subject to this, but if it did not occur with the physician, there is a good chance it would not happen at home. You might want to consider investing in your own vibrator. You could still do IUI for a higher success rate if you can get the vibrator to work for you.


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    I am a 35 year old T-12 and just finished a year and a half of trying to get pregnant. My wife is 34 and luckily she is very healthy we are having twins this February! I tried the vibe, then the electro, and finally the aspiration. I also had no success with the vibe and can understand your husband not wanting to lay there and go through that again. I had success with electro the first time and unfortunately scheduling troubles didn't allow for sedation and i had to "cowboy it"....not recommended :-)....the second electro was with no results (again with no sedation) so after learning the odds of each process and the money involved we decided to go with aspiration and IVF. It finally worked on our third try. What an emotional roller coaster!!!! We used the CNY fertility clinic in Syracuse and they were very helpful with the funding. They found grant money for us and spread our bill out in to a payment schedule. I know your husband is probably sick of all this already but tell him to hang in there. Drop me an email if he wants to BS about it some time ( I hope you find a better doctor and get some results!

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    thanks so much for the e-mail!!! I will definitely tell my hubby!!!

    It is so great that I found this site so I can share my experiences with people that truly understand!!!

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    My husband is an L1 injury and we are planning on doing electro and IUI if we can get some good enough sperm. I'm 36 and my doctor has said they just got another lady pregnant older than me using IUI and electro. My husband's urologist didn't think the vibrator would work for him (5%chance) and he doesn't have spasms. His doctor has been doing a lot of these lately and has found the sperm from electro to be even better than vib, which contradicts what I've read. We don't want to do IVF/ICSI either and have planned on donor sperm and IUI as a back up plan. The urologist says it usually takes at least 2-3 times of electro to get a good enough specimen to use for IUI. He says the first time may have an amazingly high count but they could be all dead sperm. It's hard to find doctors that do this locally. We live in California south bay area and there is only one doctor nearby who does this. Good luck to you.

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