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Thread: Can't sleep with Ultram/Tramadol

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    Can't sleep with Ultram/Tramadol

    Is there something in its class or similar that
    I could try?
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    I could not sleep with it either, I could still feel my pain and thought there were monkeys in my bed.

    Have you tried Topamax?

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    what doseage are you taking ? I take 100mg at night plus 1500 keppra and sleep really good. If I take Tramadol by itself sometimes I have trouble sleeping .
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    What about codeine? If anything, I find it helps sleep.
    Mind you, it's constipating (as these types of drugs tend to be).

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    Ugh codeine, I was straight out grinding my teeth.

    What is Keppra?

    I am scared of the Topomax with the eye pressure thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NoDecafPlz
    Ugh codeine, I was straight out grinding my teeth


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    ihave the same problem with ultram. tramodol.
    i also have the same problem when i take a large evenign does of oxycodone. even with ambien cr i catn sleep.
    i am amlso on lyrica but unlike neurontin it doesnt help in evening sleep.
    one med that work on neuro pain and helps with sleep is amitriptyline/ elavil at low doses 10 or 20 mg.
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    Just for laughs, I'm going to see what one Alleve(sp) and one Tylenol pm can do.
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    I take Aleeve @ night too. I get too high w/ Ultram @ night as well, but good during the day. Go slow and wean off your evening dose, I get w/d symptoms w/o a dose.

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    yesterday i finally broke down and got the herbal stuff called Valerian. It's "suppose" to help one sleep. I'll let you know if it actually works. My therapist also suggest Malantron (can't spell it, sorry) I didn't get that yet, but the combo is suppose to work best.

    GOOD LUCK i soooo know how it is to not get any sleep, literally! There are nights I do no sleep at all. I'm immune to tylenol pm and benadryl.

    Take great care! thinking of the wee hours when I'm up, too


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