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Thread: It looks like my Mom give up, what should I do?

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    It looks like my Mom give up, what should I do?

    My Mom had a c4-5 type injury 1.5 years ago, I've try to get her out of bed, take her to the movies , to have dinner, but she refuses, how do I handle this? Please help

    she is 59 years old, she was on a car accident, she was driving and one of my aunts was with her and she did not have a scratch.

    to my understanding she has an incomplete c4-5 type injury, she can move her head, shoulders, arms and wrists, she can't grip, no control of her fingers, she has some sensation thru all her body, lots of spasms

    she is on anti-depresants and she has physical therapy 5 days per week at home in el paso texas, we are lucky to have 2 nice ladies that take care of her 24/7 plus her physcal therapist, she does not do anything, she just wants to sleep.
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    Sorry to hear this. How did she get hurt and how old is she. Has she gotten any kind of rehab, and where. Tell us more. All the best.

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    Where is she (and you)? Have you talked with her physician? It sounds like she may be significantly depressed. Is she on medication? What does she do in bed (read, watch TV, etc.)??? Who provides her care? Is her injury complete or incomplete? We need a lot more information to help you and her.


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    Keep reminding her that she is still the same mother you loved before. Find the commonalities with her old life - she's the same person that suffered a tradgedy. Comparitive to other injuries, she is lucky to have sensation throughout her body. How was her attitude or disposition before the accident?

    Maybe she could speak to a psychologist or seek out some anti-depressants? I started an anti-depressant - half a pill of Celexa - more than four years ago and it was like a night/day difference! What a great son you are to want to help her!
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    try 2 get her out of bed and try 2 keep her busy. when im not busy i also feel down and lying in bed just makes it worst.

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    talk to her doc about getting on the RIGHT antidepressant. also begin giving her things to look forward to like family get-togethers and outings. you can only try your best; none of this is your fault.
    good luck w/your ma.

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    also talk to her doc about spasms, incontinence and other sci-related stuff that may be hindering her from living. keep in mind sci is devastating and usually occurs to young ppl; your mom has lived 50-somewhat years able-bodied--must be more difficult for older ppl to become disabled.

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    Everything said above and try to get her involved with and interested in something, possibly even this forum. It might help her a lot if she could access a computer and talk to other people in her situation on a forum like this one.
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    maybe if..

    try to find someone in your area that is in the same situation and see if you can have that person come talk to her. maybe that will help.

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    The sad truth is that many people cannot deal with this type of injury. It destroys quality of life and makes the quantity of it seem much less important.

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