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Thread: Problem with front castor

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    Problem with front castor

    My husband has a Quickie Ti and he decided to clean one of the front castor wheels by taking it apart because my hair was caught in it. Ever since he took it apart, it doesn't spin right. There seems to be a lot of resistance. Is there a special lubrication that he needs to put on it or something? There other wheel looks nasty also, but he is afraid to take it apart because of what happened to this one. How does he get the wheel to spin freely without resistance again? Thank you for your help on this.

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    Try loosening the screws in the axle a little. The Quickie Ti's fork and spacers are both very narrow and it is easy to damage the housing for the bearings during reinstallation. They need to be cleaned regularly to keep them rolling freely, however.

    Your best bet would be to by a tube of 5/16" (8mm) double sealed 608 bearings from a bike shop. They are fairly inexpensive and he would have replacements in the future. It may also be a wise investment to replace the Torx head axle screws with hex head or Philips's head equivalents as they are likely to strip out eventually.

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    Yha... he tightened the bolt too much.

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    if its just hair on there, take a torch to it, not directly but just close enough to burn the hair.

    oh, n if it catches fire, you were to close and don't blame me.

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    Burnt hair stinks!
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    Thanks for the tips! We think that he did over tighten it. My husband took the chair to a place here that repairs them right about the time that I was starting this thread and the guy fixed it by unscrewing and screwing it back in. We have no idea what he did. LOL. Anyway, we are going to get those bearings for future use and I am going to try to keep my hair off the floor. (If that is possible?!?) My hair is long and it gets everywhere no matter what I do. And I agree, burning hair does stink!

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    Can someone describe how to get the old bearing out? Thanks

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    If the caster has a plastic hub, if you can find a bolt which is about the same diameter as the axle (about 5/16"), insert it slightly less than the depth of the bearing and wiggle it back and forth while pulling upward until it comes out. If it is really stubborn or has an aluminum hub, I set the caster sideways on top of a vice with the bearing side facing down with the jaws of the vice opened slightly wider than the width of the bearing. I insert a smaller diameter screw through it diagonally until it makes contact with the inner surface of the bearing and knock it out from the inside using a plastic hammer. Sometimes, it is necessary to tap on the inner spacer first.

    There is also a tool to do this, but I have never seen it. If someone posts a pic I would be interested in seeing it. I have not found a need for it yet, however.

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