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Thread: private student's rights

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    private student's rights

    Please help me understand how I can ensure that my daughter's needs are being met. My daughter was attending a public school and in the 504 plan. She is now a student at a private school. The campus is unsafe, many stairs without banisters, etc. The principal says he will try to put in banisters, but when? After it is too late? Where do I file a complaint re safety?

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    Depending what type of private school it is, they may not have to comply. If it is a religious school they are exempt but most conform. Our small Catholic school for 250 kids added an elevator.
    Dept of Ed handles all 504 complaints but you handle the financial cost via a private attorney.
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    Check this out

    None of this looks too promising unless the school receives Federal funds from programs such as Title I.

    I would look at the schools annual financials to see where the money is comig from.

    It it is not a school associated with a religious organization, then the ADA may cover the school. Send me a PM if you have more specific ? or info that might help.
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