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Thread: uti penile retraction

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    uti penile retraction

    hi i got a uti and penile retraction and the condum is falling off has anyone tried those external catheter straps will they keep the condum on even if my johnson turns into a turtle i just cant see how it could thanks for any advice
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    Are you talking about the velcro strap that is put around the external?
    I've seen those work sometime but that require something to hold onto.
    do you use any skin prep such as bard that can make it more sticky? Do you ever try self-adhesive caths?

    Even with these,sometime they dont stay on. The Bioderm external sticks directly onto the tip of the penis (google this product) but I never had really good luck with them staying on.
    Let's see what others say.


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    I have the same problem. I use a latex glue called Ostobond and a Urodom external catheter. I apply skin prep before the glue. I put two coats of the glue letting each coat dry about one minute. Then I put on the gizmo. Usually I become semi erect so I let it shrink down to normal before I wrap a band of Elastoplast tape around my penis. Sometimes I wrap a couple of bands when things are not going so good.
    But inevitably when I have a UTI or abrasions on my penis, it retracts and pushes the gizmo off.
    Please help, SCI nurse! Sitting and laying in urine is wreaking havoc to my butt skin.
    What if I take a Cialis when the retractions start occurring?

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    Have them put in a foley til it clears up.
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