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Thread: Stephen Davies Update

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    John, I am from Oregon City, Or and I will be at W2W. Looking forward to meet you and Susan

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    Quote Originally Posted by Susan M View Post
    Yes, I will be there. The line-up of speakers is really great. A fantastic group of paralysis survivors and others expected to be there, as well. I'm really getting excited to see everyone.

    And I'm especially excited to see YOU.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schmeky View Post
    John Smith,

    I know you'll be very observant at the W2W. Davies has been working with Decorin for 3 years now, maybe he'll have something to report on this time, postive or negative.
    here we are, September 02, 2009
    not any news, not positive and not negative
    its sad.......
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    I agree with you. Two years ago when Schmeky visited Dr. Davies there was great excitement and anticipation that chronic clinical trials would begin soon. It's hard to believe that it was two years ago. I watch every day for a post from Dr. Davies. Regrettably he has not posted recently.


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    Beuty and Roger,

    I don't want to steal Susan M's or anyone else's thunder for their W2W reports on Dr. Davies, but Kate Willette gave an overview of Dr. Davies talk at the below link:

    My guess is Susan M. or someone else might contribute a more extensive report, but the last line of the above blog entry is something I found particularly nice/interesting (though Dr. Davies may have stated such before?).

    Bill Miller
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    Hello everyone:

    As most of you know, Dr. Stephen Davies attended Working 2 Walk last week in Chicago. He had originally planned on publically sharing his unpublished chronic injury model data at W2W, but a few weeks ago decided doing so would jeopardize the progress of the work. Obviously, not something any of us wants. He agreed to attend W2W anyway and talk about what he could. I am certain he was biting his tongue until it was bleeding to not publically reveal his labs' chronic results.

    My husband, Colin, and I did speak privately with Stephen and his wife and research partner, Jeannette, at great length. I cannot go into detail, but, I am extremely excited and optimistic by the progress. They have been working on repairing chronic injuries for several months and hope to publish very soon.

    The Davies are incredible people dedicated to the development of curative therapies for spinal cord injury -- in particular, chronic injuries.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kate View Post
    And I'm especially excited to see YOU.

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    Any date for the release?

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    Susan M thanks for you latest update. They say patience is a virtue......hmmmm, it's definitely something I do not possess!!!

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    Susan M

    The first thing I check everyday is new posts on the Dr. Davies thread. Dr. Davies used to post on this thread I hope he was not discouraged from doing so by comments made on the thread.


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