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Thread: Stephen Davies Update

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    Quote Originally Posted by K004H View Post
    Hey everyone, hollidays were good, busy as always, hope everyone enjoyed! Dr Davies is speaking at the Given Institute in Aspen on Jan 28, we're only 40 miles away, Keith said he would like to go. Hopefully this will jump start his interest about Dr Davies discoveries. Topics - Stem Cell Technologies, Spinal Cord Repair and Gains Without Pain. Should be posted on Will keep you updated if its not, hope there's some new stuff! Anybody else close enough to go? K004H

    wow aspen. aspen, California. should be warm, a place where the beer flows like wine. where the women flock like the salmon of Capistrano.
    Han: "We are all ready to win, just as we are born knowing only life. It is defeat that you must learn to prepare for"

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    Hi Everyone,
    Just a quick post as we are in the middle of a big research push at the moment (and for the next few weeks) that is focused on chronic SCI experiments. The experiments are highly labor intensive which means I am also be in the lab conducting surgeries and analyzing data. I assume you would all rather I was working in the lab than spending time on CC anyway. The chronic SCI experiments we are currently conducting are in large part made possible by donations from CC.

    Please note that designing experiments to test the ability of any therapy (such as decorin and GDAs in our case) to promote recovery in chronically injured rat spinal cord is not just a straight forward extension of the techniques used for acute SCI experiments. If anybody tells you this they are blowing smoke... We have had to overcome many technical difficulties in firstly generating sets of SCI rats that maintain matched functional deficits out to chronic time points (up to and beyond 6 months). This is one of the reasons there are so few reports of chronic SCI experiments let alone ones that can generate convincing data for functional recovery. Concurrent with these efforts we have also had to devize new, effective means of administering molecules and cells to the chronically injured cord in rats (the far larger size of the human cord will actually make it far, far easier to administer drugs / cells to human chronic SCIs). What I am prepared to say at this point is that so far our experimnents are going very well.

    As leaked by Chris Chappell (I am of course v.pleased he is so enthusiastic about our reseearch), there are also plans afoot to put together the infrastructure for conducting SCI clinical trials here in the US in future. More on this much later when plans are more concrete.

    As already mentioned I am giving a public lecture at the Given Institute in Aspen on the 28th January. Everyone is welcome and I look forward to meeting those members of CC that are able to attend the lecture.


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    Thanks very much for taking the time to post your personal update on lab progress. It's all very encouraging.

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    Dr. Davies,
    It is great that once a while you can give us the update, we know we will continue to get you more funding.

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    Thanks Dr. Davies, every time you twist on C.C. we are all ready to go! Thanks for the update, can't wait for more! See you on the 28th! K004H

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stephen Davies View Post
    I assume you would all rather I was working in the lab than spending time on CC anyway.
    Actually - lol - if you ever have a minute, I'm curious as to how/when you decided you wanted to go into research .. and how you ended up in paralysis research?

    Thanks for keeping on ... even when many of us feel like giving up.

    Do you have a ballpark for the costs associated with just *one* chronic injury rat?

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    Dr. Davies,

    Thank you so much for all the most recent promising updates! Sincerely and eagerly look forward to hearing good news from your chronic SCI experiments soon. We have much hope and trust in you and your work!!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Chappell View Post
    Update. Had dinner Fri with Stephen, his wife and 4 others to discuss SCI related topics. From the meeting we've determined , time and investment monies notwithstanding, the following:

    1. To develop and apply SCI cure-based therapies through CU / Anshutz.
    2. To house a neurotrauma clinical trial center here in Denver.
    3. To house an exercise / physiology / outcome measure center in Denver.
    4. To include additional CNS related communities / orgs in our efforts.
    5. To utilize various funding methods including venture capital and public / private alternatives.

    The proposals are being written and developed. Details and progress to follow.

    Onward and upward.


    I feel very excited to hear the new plans from you! Hope to see them implemented soon!!

    Thanks for all that you do!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lynnifer View Post
    Do you have a ballpark for the costs associated with just *one* chronic injury rat?
    It depends on whether or not you plan to send him to rehab. The type of insurance that the rat has will also determine how much money can be spent on him.

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    Thank you for the update Dr. Davies.

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