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Thread: Stephen Davies Update

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    Great news and thank you for your hard work.One day sci must be history..,,
    • Dum spiro, spero.
      • Translation: "As long as I breathe, I hope."

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    This sounds like great news! Thanks so much for your ongoing efforts Dr. Davies.
    "There's too many things to get done, and I'm running out of days" 3 Doors Down

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    Quote Originally Posted by adi chicago
    Great news and thank you for your hard work.One day sci must be history..,,
    I agree. If sci is history.. iam the happiest person in the world!
    We have to be patient, but that's not easy.

    Thanks S. Davies

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    Researchers researching...brilliant!

    It's nice to see researchers researching and reporting to the community their results. This one post is so much better than 100 about everything else but coming up with effective therapies. What's wrong with funding, what's wrong with the sci community, what's wrong with the current administration, what's wrong with stem cell funding...blah, blah, blah... this research is what really matters. Thanks so much Stefen for your hard work in the lab to collect and continuing to gather covincing evidence that will lead to justifying future sci trials.

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    Dr. Davies is definitely kickin ass and takin names on our behalf. What needs to happen now that a proven secondary drug has been verified, is to add this to the existing cell platforms, in combination treatment trials. I don't mean 25,00 pages and 3 years of additional delays either.

    Quote Originally Posted by Stephen Davies

    Okay back to the lab.

    That's the kind of fighting spirit I'm talking about.

    Thanks Dr. Davies

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    Many many thanks Dr Davies!!


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    Testimony from our expert members in the field is always great; Wise spoils us. I wish all of the researchers of SCI research notoriety would update on here from time to time.

    These Decorin studies definately suggest it will be a major part of an effective therapy, moreso than previously. Thanks Dr., for the work and, most of all, the passion.


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    Does someone have a full copy of Dr. Davies' published study? The link just goes to the abstract.

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    Dr Davies - thank you so much, you are a ray of light in the cure research tunnel.

    Remember everyone - you can contribute to his research by donating:
    Go to:

    In the Description box, enter: Neuro-Repair Surgery Fund, account
    # 0222071, then enter the amount of your gift, and follow the
    instructions to completion.

    Every dollar helps keep the research going.

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    This is for suppression in the acute phase of injury. Hopefully we'll have some news on if Decorin will degrade the chronic lesion site and give similiar results for chronics.

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