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Thread: Stephen Davies Update

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schmeky
    I will be on the road for the next 2 days. I have 1,200 miles to travel to get home, so I'll be out of pocket.

    I will start on the report this weekend, then Davies has agreed to review for accuracy before I post.
    Your effort is much appreciated.
    2400 miles of traveling is a lot for someone in our condition, so I'd say: Take your time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schmeky
    Sorry for not posting Tuesday night. I am still in Denver. I will generate a report summary, but for now, here are some facts:

    Met with the head of the Neurosurgery department in the Denver medical complex where Davies is doing his research. A clinical trial group is ALREADY ESTABLISHED. I hope everyone realizes the significance of this. In other words, a therapy is not the hold-up.

    Davies is preparing Decorin for a Phase I in less than 2 years, it could happen sooner. Under ideal circumstances, a human trial "may" begin in a little over a year.

    Hi Schmecky, thanks for the great news and great work.
    It would be interesting to know what WE , as SCI community, can do, to help create the IDEAL circumstances as per your word. Is this something you can ask Davies. What does he need to speed up. MONEY, LEGISLATION ?
    Would be great to build up on something positive to make it even more positive !

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    Can you get some footage of his rodents?

    I have one word for everyone.

    Birds Fly in Flocks, but Eagles Fly Alone...

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    Quote Originally Posted by spidergirl
    True enough, but can you get Schmekster to Hollywood?

    I think youre suggestion here as towards open eyes are very true, but the focus off course must be on the science, not hoax around SCI cures but more sound research as reported to her by David, and her Western science like discussed here in this thread really should have it’s 15 minutes off it’s fame compared to other places proclaiming a variety of cures, - heck we should do the same maybe to get the focus on real long-term sound research. But one does not. One works the bits and steps, bits and steps to achiev. Good going spider, and good luck to David (the never given up Schmekster) and his name brother by almost the same name. Btw, my grandfather was named David.

    Hey Schmecky, take you’re time from Colorado, take you’re time to post, take you’re time to make it right with you’re good buddy Davies.

    Tnx David for doing this long haul trip with promises to report back to the SCI community. Great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spidergirl
    I have one word for everyone.

    You want Schmeky to win an Oscar?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Davies
    One way or the other, I’m gonna’ make this work, we’re well on the way. We’re at the 10-yard line and about to score.
    I learned many things on my second visit to Stephen Davies new lab in Denver, Colorado. Stephen spent a full 2 days with me in a one-on-one conversation concerning his latest CNS repair research.

    Decorin: Due to the recent move from Houston, Texas, to Denver, Colorado, the work with Decorin in the chronic injury was delayed. Presently, there are rats in the lab that are currently 4.5 months out from injury. Decorin studies will begin when the rats are approximately 6 months post injury, which equates to around December 1st, 2007. This will ensure little argument about the definition of chronic in a lab rat.

    Decorin has shown to provide numerous effects in the acute setting, among these are:
    1) appears to be safe, is presently in testing in the cancer research field
    2) promotes plasticity
    3) desensitizes neurons to their environment
    4) degrades the chronic scar (preliminary findings)
    5) a human form of Decorin is currently available

    Therefore, the first human trials to arise from Davies work will utilize Decorin as a single modality. I asked Davies once the chronic scar is degraded, will it return? He indicated he didn’t think so. This is important. When newer cell based treatments surface in the future, Decorin could have potentially already degraded the chronic scar. This means once Decorin is used, it most likely will not be needed again in the future. Additionally, there is evidence the CNS is constantly trying to regenerate, therefore, Decorin as first step could maximize the CNS's ability to repair itself.

    At his point the effective dosage and duration of Decorin for the CNS is not known. Since Decorin expresses plasmin (think of plasmin as a molecular “blow torch”), it is important to determine the correct dosage and duration. To much Decorin could be counter-productive. What degree of recovery can be expected using Decorin alone? This is presently unknown, however, testing will begin very soon. Davies indicated to me his goal is “robust regeneration” in the chronic injury and Decorin appears to be first step in this direction.

    Clinical Trials for Decorin

    The good news is there is a clinical trial group at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center ready to submit for and conduct a clinical trial. This is great news. I had the privilege of meeting with Dr. Kevin Lillehei (pronounced: lilly-hay), the Chair in Neurosurgery at the University of Denver. Dr. Lillehei has previously submitted, conducted, and directed a clinical trial. He is actually waiting on Davies at this juncture. Dr. Lillehei is very enthusiastic, eager to translate Davies work to humans, and was a pleasure to speak with.


    Davies indicated about 2 years from now for Decorin. Dr. Lillehei wants to begin in one year. Davies indicated under “ideal circumstances”, one year is possible, but my impression is not likely. Why? It takes time to publish the results and it also takes (according to Dr. Lillehei) about 4-6 months from the FDA submission date to actually begin the trial. It is possible Davies could have the lab results for Decorin and the research paper published by December 2008, followed by FDA IND submission, putting a Decorin trial around the middle of 2009. This is speculation on my part, however.

    I will post my report in sections, this being the first. There is much to review and potentially discuss. I suggest most questions be forwarded to Davies e-mail address:

    Current Therpaies, Should I Wait?

    The next report section will provide research derived reasons providing compelling data on why you should wait on any current cell based transplantation therapies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schmeky
    IAdditionally, there is evidence the CNS is constantly trying to regenerate, therefore, Decorin as first step could maximize the CNS's ability to repair itself.
    You've got my attention! I hope someone expands on this! This is so great Schmeky - thank you so much for doing this. You da man!
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    Thank you so much for your report. Side note to all this-my sister spent six years at University of Denver Health Sciences Center. Too bad her specialty is microbiology.

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    Sorry if you have already stated the company involved, what stock symbol
    are we looking up?


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    Thank you very much for your report !

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