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Thread: Stephen Davies Update

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buck_Nastier View Post
    Good question. I'd like to know the answer to that as well.

    The really fascinating part was that adult cns stem cells actually contribute to the scar tissue.
    He said the scar tissue extends further than the injury site in chronic cases which was more challanging. Then he pointed out he could not discuss decorins effect on that condition at this time. my thoughts are 1. it is effective or 2. you need to transect the scar out creating an acute injury.
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    we have not heard from you for some time, how are things, and what are your thoughts on the passing of the bill? I'm 35 now and i have been injured 8 yrs. Will this nightmare ever end and how long?

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    ^^i feel ya!

    what's the dealio Stephen Davies? any updates? thank you!
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    Hi everyone
    I would like to donate to Dr. Davies. Does anyone know how?

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    If you are not US resident you need to contact and they will tell you how to do it.

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    Is "no news, good news" here? I would like an update either way.

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    Has Dr. Davies ever conducted a rat study involving a contusion to the spinal cord? Most of the studies I've seen by him use trans section of the spinal cord.

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    Don D. 73,

    When I visited his lab few years ago he indicted to me the partial transection was worse than a contusion. I think he transects a portion of the cord, so to the best of my knowledge, a section of cord is left intact.

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    I asked Wise's opinion of Dr. Davies work last weekend in Austin. His only comment to me focused on the lack of data associated with contusion to the spinal cord, strongly implying transection to be less relevant in his opinion.

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