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Yes a former boss used to sing that to me all the time.

I'm Canadian. We have our corrupt Rick Hansen evil corp here.
Hi Lynnifer,

Sorry, I forgot you were from Canada. In the US the federal government is nearly immune to public opinion. However many cities and states have ballot initiatives that can be started by citizens. Represent Us has a plan to clean up politics, and it is actually working. Perhaps a similar thing could be done in Canada. It may be worthwhile to investigate the local laws. If this is allowed, one could coordinate with Represent Us to actually fix the system.

The problem:

The solution:

In the UK they have a law that if a citizen-initiated petition gains 100,000 signatures within 6 months, Parliament must consider it. If it reaches 200,000 signatures, Parliament must debate it on the floor. Recently they started a petition to ban Donald Trump from entering the country. There is a precedent for that, as the UK has already banned specific individuals from entering due to their use of hate speech to incite violence. The petition to ban Donald Trump has received the highest number of signatures in history, exceeding 500,000 in less than a month.

Surely there is something similar that could work in Canada...

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