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I respectfully request you show anything Davies claimed 6 years ago that has come to fruition.
As a famous person once said, "It depends on your definition of fruition." If you mean that we can walk into a hospital and be cured of our SCI's, then clearly the answer is "no". If you mean that he has done important research to will lead to a cure, I believe the answer is "yes". YMMV.

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He used this forum, mis-represented his intentions, took who knows how much in donations this forum generated, and turned his back on the constituents he purported to be helping.
I disagree completely. First of all, I don't believe for a moment that he ever "misrepresented his intentions". I think he saw this forum as opportunity for two things:

a) Communicate his findings to the SCI community.

b) Reach out to potential donors to help raise money to fund his hab.

In his case it didn't turn out as planned. For part (a), it seemed that he had many more critics and people that wanted to argue with him people than appreciated his reporting on his work. In the end, the trouble-to-worth ratio in making posts of any kind went completely off the charts. He made a conscious decision to stop using this forum and focusing instead on the research itself.

For part (b), most of the forum participants are unable to work and are unable to give much money. He told me one time the total amount of donations he had received from the CC forum was less than $10,000. (My memory is terrible and this may be off significantly. Once more, before someone makes a post saying that they alone donated $50,000, blame me and my poor memory and not Dr. Davies. Any errors on this point are purely mine.) Again, the trouble-to-worth ratio made it an untenable situation.

He was literally generating something between $2 and $5 per hour when he was actively posting. He had just moved, was setting up a new lab, had a newborn son, and was trying to do ground-breaking research all at the same time. Even if he were generating $1000 an hour in donations by posting on CC, he simply couldn't keep it up. There are other researchers posting on CC that make generate far, far more money than that, but Dr. Davies was certainly not one of them.

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Davies, at a minimum, should have provided some updates (as he indicated he would do) once or twice a year.
On the one hand I agree completely, as it wouldn't really take up much of his time. On the the other hand I completely understand his decision to simply stop posting. Financial issues aside, it ended up being much more like the old Monty Python skit:


He simply didn't need the abuse he received here.

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If you believe in his methodologies, then by all means, send all the spare change you have.
Thanks, Schmeky, I do. And I know that you do the same for the researchers you believe in. That's the only way we'll get out of our wheelchairs.