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    I believe Decorin has far more shortcomings than chondroitinase. Chondroitinase has a lot of the medical community excited that it could be one of the first real therapies for us.
    In a side by side comparison...decorin is really nothing like Chondroitinase ABC. As Dr. Young has stated previously...decorin is not a substitute for the Ch'ase enzyme. In addition, the Liz Bradbury lab in the UK is working with the Chondroitinase ABC enzyme delivery via a lentiviral vector, and of course there is the possibility of a CNS cell delivery option for uptake too from findings and work of the Fischer Lab at Drexel University.

    (decorin on the other hand is a small proteoglycan) In fact, I believe I've read about the 2 mixed together in combination and the Chondroitinase ABC enzyme actually broke down and degraded the decorin.
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    Has anyone been to the lab, or personally spoken to Dr. Davies recently (2011-2012)? Is there any news at all? I know some of you used to keep in regular contact.
    Any news would be appreciated. Thank you.

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    U think he definitely is trying hard, but doesnt seem to be getting the results hes been expecting. I hope im wrong but thats just my opinion.

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    If the forum hasn't figured out Davies' by now . . . .

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    He failed.

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    One of the moderator's please close this thread
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    I wouldn't count anyone out at this point. No one has found a treatment yet.
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    His name is mentioned in the latest newsletter from STEP AHEAD.

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    Here is a recent article concerning Davies' research

    and here are the abstracts of the two presentations mentioned in the article.
    (page 152)
    (page 458)

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