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Thread: Stephen Davies Update

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    Stephen Davies Update

    I received an e-mail response from Dr. Stephen Davies today. Unfortunately, his father passed away in June from cancer. I know Stephen was doing all he could to help his father. I was very sorry to hear this.

    Stephen did invite me to visit his lab this fall with one of the CC moderators, WCRABTEX (Bill), who happens to be a friend of mine. Bill is a surgeon with SCI, and he agreed several months ago to accompany me to Stephens new lab if we got an invitation. I feel Bill can be a positive contributor and will understand Stephens work much better than I.

    I know Stephen is preparing to publish a paper, something I have speculated on previously. I realize Stephen cannot share sensitive lab data with me since his paper is pending acceptance by a recognized publisher.

    However, his recent work has focused exclusively on reversing chronic SCI, great news for all of us. I do hope I can gain enough information to provide useful data for the forum. I plan to write a report along the same venue as the first report I posted about a year ago.

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    Sorry to hear Dr Davies, if you're reading this. Doesn't matter what age we are, always hurts to lose a beloved parent. I'm not a particularly religious person, but I do believe they're with us always.

    Schmeky, kudos to you and WCrabtex for doing this. You are such an asset to this community and we are lucky to have you! I'll definately be looking forward to this, as well as the opinions of a spinal cord injuried surgeon. Excellent! Made my day!
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    My condolences to Dr. Davies.

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    My deepest sympathies to you and your family, Dr. Davies.

    I had no idea WC was a surgeon! Schmeky, this is great news to hear. I love your unbiased commentary on different issues. I am definitely looking forward to hearing your commentary on this next visit.
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    Very sorry to hear about Dr. Davies' father. I remember after the rally last year that he had made a pretty amazing turnaround.

    Schmeky, do you have a date for your visit to the lab? That's terrific news.

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    Stephen had indicated in a couple of months, so I am thinking sometime around the end of November. His prior work with acute injuries was very successful. His goal was to be able to cure acute and chronic injuries. His focus was using Decorin in the chronic setting as a scar disruptor.

    There would be little reason, in my opinion, to publish without a degree of success in the lab.

    As a side note, I feel Davies chronic work will lay a long standing argument to rest that comes up frequently on this forum. The argument is should we be doing chronic or acute studies? Dr. Young has always said we need both and I feel Davies progression of success typifies this very well.


    I agree that having a surgeon along for the visit would the absolute best way to observe and then comment on Davies work. Bill's comments will be invaluable. I look forward to the visit.

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    It was really sad to learn of Stephen's father. I'm sure he is immensely proud of his son's achievements thus far and he will be looking down on him and family as his valuable work continues. Thank you David for offering to visit again and thank yopu Stephen for extending the invitation.

    I was thinking, I will tally the figure correctly when I look at the spreadsheet but if my memory serves there is about 1000 dollars in the DC Funds kitty. I think it would be fabulous to put this towards Schmeky's and Wrcrabtex's expenses for this trip as I know how valuable the trip is to all of us. I have refunded a few donations but if those who asked me to hold onto the funds for Steven's trip to DC are ok with it, then I shall send the money to David as I don't think Steven will be planning to go for a while. If you would rather have a refund just PM me and I'll get right onto it I'll put this in the DC Funds thread too.

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    My condolences to Dr. Davies father as well.

    Thank you Schmeky. Looking forward to your report once again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jen
    I think it would be fabulous to put this towards Schmeky's and Wrcrabtex's expenses for this trip as I know how valuable the trip is to all of us.

    I will not accept nor decline your offer. I will let the CC members decide.

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    Jenni, I think this is a fabulous idea.

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