OSTED Thursday, August 23, 2007
Toshiba unleashes 32-GB SD cards

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Storage options for devices such as cell phones, digital cameras, and portable media players are changing. While it used to be that you could buy a small SD card for a bit of storage, deferring to spinning hard disks when you needed more, that's no longer the case. With expandable storage options changing, platter-based drives are going out and flash drives are going in. Now that sizes of SD cards are getting bigger, people will be swapping them out of players and phones like CDs.

Just take a look at these new Toshiba SD cards. They're the first to hit a whopping 32 GB, which is bigger than most hard disk-based MP3 players. Imagine popping one of those in your digital camera; you'd never, ever run out of room. And you could keep your entire music collection on one or two of them, swapping them out in your phone or player to never be without your tunes. It's pretty great, and as soon as prices come down a bit look for them to be everywhere. — Adam Frucci

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According to the above web site, the 16 Gb cards are coming out next month ($350) and the 32 Gb ones will be available in 2008 ($700). They have currently an 8 Gb microSD which loads at 6 Mb/sec which is near real time photography speeds. It is very likely that these will soon replace the hard drives on the ipod as well.