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Thread: Need Advice on Manual Wheelchairs

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    Need Advice on Manual Wheelchairs

    Ello. I'm an incomplete quad. I can use my arms and wrists, but my fingers don't work for the most part. I also have no trunk control. I'm currently using a powerchair. However, I'm looking to switch to a manual for more reasons then I can count, but I'm new to this so I don't really know what I'm doing. Are there other quads out there using manuals? If so, what are you using? Do you have to have adaptive equipment to manuaver yourself? Any and all advice from anyone would be much apperciated. Thanks!
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    oh yea...lots of quads are exclusive to manuals chairs...

    the most important thing is to try as many chairs as you can before you buy.

    Id stick with tilite or colours...just my .02
    C5-6 - 22 years

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    Tilite zra, its a pretty penny, but its so worth it.

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    colours razorblade. rep
    c4/5 inc funtioning c6. 28 yrs post.
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    read away:

    I use a Top End Crossfire. Similar to a Ti ZR but less costly & aluminum. Lots of chairs have similarities, but look for simplicity in whatever you consider. Don't get sold on extra stuff that you think you "might need." Ask us first. Most DMEs & even therapists will try to sell you on things that they never use, so take their advice with a grain of salt.

    Listen to SCI_OTR if he pipes up - he's currently the resident chair expert/nerd here & knows his stuff.

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    If you can, checkout Pushblack handrims, they are VERY stickey and easy to push and turn with your palm. My .02

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    In addition to the ZRa, the Quickie GTi Titanium is a fully adjustable cantilevered rigid frame which has some promise. It appears Quickie has corrected some of the design flaws found on it's aluminum counterpart, the Quickie GT.

    One feature on the GTi that the ZRa doesn't offer is an adjustable depth back. This would allow you to maintain your seat depth regardless of back type. Quickie's new adjustable upholstery may provide enough support for a C5-6-7 ish quad with the right amount of dump. Unfortunately, Quickie seems to have missed the mark on these options with respect to how they will allow the GTi to be configured. To get the adjustable depth back, you have to omit upholstery, so you can't try their back upholstery and switch to a custom back if it doesn't work out without losing seat depth. (I'm not sure if they would allow this as a special and I am going to bring the issue up with them at Medtrade in October). They also limit you to only 3.5" of dump with a 16/17" seat depth. Their brackets may allow more, but I have not seen one in person to know for sure. I have one coming in which is scheduled to ship on the 30th. I will post pics and critique it before it is issued to the veteran for whom it was spec'd.

    It appears that the GTi may cost slightly more than a comparable ZRa, and neither is cheap. Although I have never seen or used one, a good chair from a value standpoint appears to be the Colours Spazz G. It isn't titanium, but is still light and fully adjustable (including seat depth).
    Hopefully Cap'n will chime in here for a testimonial.

    I don't know if I agree with Scott's assessment of being the resident chair nerd (maybe geek is more-appropriate), but I do agree with his statement about learning from the members who post in this forum. Some therapists do know wheelchairs (I'd like to think I fall into that category), but very few actually use them (I do, but not 24/7). You'll find divergent opinions, but I think if you read the numerous posts here, you'll find many members who have used this forum to figure out what they need based on info provided by other members. jbinny, Hype62, Cap'n, myself, and hopefully any day now, Nikki-K are some recent examples.

    Good luck, and keep asking questions.

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    I have a TiLite chair with e-motion wheels. Since my tricept strength is weak, (but getting better) I found these wheels which are battery powered and give assist in relation to how hard I push, to be good. They are heavy and expensive but there is no way I could wheel myself around the grocery store, mall etc in just manual wheels. You can get many ( I think) chairs with both sets of wheels. Keep doing your research and good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI_OTR
    I don't know if I agree with Scott's assessment of being the resident chair nerd (maybe geek is more-appropriate)
    hmm... I probably don't differentiate between the two terms correctly. Regardless, I think it's fair to say that your input on this site has been invaluable to lots of people here. You're appreciated.

    ...even if you are a geek.

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    Thanks guys! You've been really helpful. I think my biggest problem is going to be my absolute lack of trunk control. My mum doesn't think I'll be able to use one cuz I can't sit completely up right without getting sick and trying to pass out, but I figure it's worth a shot anyways. I'm gonna rent one first to test out.
    "I reject your reality and substitute my own." -Adam/Mythbusters

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