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Thread: Vitaglide For Sale..and 2 lifts

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    Vitaglide For Sale..and 2 lifts

    I have a barely used(sad to say) Vitaglide for sale.

    Asking $700.

    I don't really want to mess with shipping as I have no idea just how to ship something like that, but it could be near the KC metro area or the Wichita KS area for pick-up. Might be able to meet someone halfway.

    I also have an Easy Pivot Lift $800, and a Hoyer Lift $450, for sale. Both good quality and in good condition.

    I recently moved and don't have the room for this equipment, and I haven't needed the lifts for quite some time. I also plan on going to a gym that actually has the Vitaglide Pro, how lucky is that.

    I am not really willing to budge on the Vitaglide, but may be willing to negotiate on the lifts.

    If you're interested pm me.



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    For those who may be interested, I placed these items on EBay as well. It just gives more information about the equipment.

    Just so you know my reserve price on the Vitaglide is $700.

    If anyone is interested or has questions, please pm me.



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