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Thread: mitro leaking - need padding suggestions

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    mitro leaking - need padding suggestions

    I am pregnant again, just over 3 months along, and it is causing my mitrofanoff stoma to leak unpredictably, nearly constantly - I'm tryingt to think of some type of padding to place over my stoma. It needs to be absorbant, waterproof, easily changed and needs to be secured to my skin without irritating adhesive.
    Any ideas?

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    No ideas, but congratulations on your pregnancy.

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    I am not aware of a specific product but ABD pads could be secured with tegaderm or op-site and that could work.
    Would a urostomy bag be an option? That way it could collect into a bag, last longer and keep urine away from your skin.
    Any other ideas?


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    OMG Congrats Emi!!! I agree with what the nurse said, you'd want to keep moisture away from your skin. ABD pads aren't expensive at all if you choose to go that route.
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    thanks, I didn't know there were ostomy bags that would work with a mitro stoma. The main problem with gauze etc padding is that even tegaderm/opsite etc would do a number on my skin after removing it and reapplying 10x/day at least for the next 6 months.
    i tried holding padding in place using a tensor bandage but the bandage wouldn't stay put.

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    Emi, It sounds like a good idea about the bag. Better for you skip than the padding, as you are looking at 6 months. I don't have a mitro but I have an ilieostomy, and basically what the bag does is attach to a wafer that adheres to your skin. The wafer has a hole in it, the size of my stoma. The wafer serves a dual purpost of holding the bag on, and protecting my skin. The bag attaches to the wafer with a tupperware type seal. The bag opens at the tail so I can drain it. I know the urostomy bags I have seen drain even more simply, with a valve. I only change the wafer about twice a week. The wafer doesn't bother my skin at all, and I am very sensitive to tape and such. I don't see why a similar system wouldn't work. I do have to be careful that I cover everything except the stoma with the wafer, as any skin that comes in contact with the liquid gets sore.

    PS... Congratulations!!
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    Here is a site that lists many of common brands: t

    YOu can contact a company and ask for a sample. Most stoma wafers are able to be cut (as was mentioned above) so you can customize it to your stoma. It's worth a try.

    If you would go the ABD route, have you considered the "netting" stocking that could go over your abdomen to hold the aBD in place? They are stretchy and could accomodate your advancing "baby" stomch.

    Congrats by the way! How exciting.


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    Congratulations!!! I'm not pregnant but I leak through my stoma as well. I prefere not to wear a bag so for as much as I leak, I use underpads from the drugstore and cut them in half and place them between my pants. I cut them pretty large and they work quite well. Their also known as "chucks" in the hospitals and they are really quite absorbent. I hope this helps and congratulations on the baby. Do you know what you're having?

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    i knew you guys would have good suggestions! I'll look into the ostomy bags, although since my stoma is in my belly button it might be hard to get a good seal. I like the netting idea too, as I still want to be able to cath - I'm just sick of my clothes getting soaked. I think that if I buy maternity pants with the big tummy panel they might work to hold padding too - I'm still just wearing my regular pants unbuttoned below my belly.
    Hopefully tommorow I will hear the heartbeat at my first appointment - then I can relax a bit and order some maternity clothes. I've been pretty tense/worried because I miscarried in Feb.
    My last pregnancy I was in a large city with access to obstetricians, perinatologists, ultrasounds, etc. etc. Now i'm in a very small town with no ultrasound etc. - 3 hours drive to the city - it'll be a very different experience.

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    Have you tried using the size 1 or 2 baby diapers over the stoma? This is what I do to catch any leaks that occur, so I can wear protective underwear easily. Since protective underwear isn't waterproof in the waist pannel, this helps keep my clothes dry. Try to find ones that don't have any irritating plastic waist pannel or perfumes. I use either Tushies or Seventh Generation baby diapers. The Tushies company will even send you samples of their diapers for you to try over the stoma ( Plus, these diapers don't have any superabsorbent gel in them, so they are healthier for your skin.

    As for the urostomy sets, I tried this last year when my stoma leaked a lot, and it didn't work too well. I noticed that whenever my stoma would leak, it would pool around the skin barrier and the pouch, and caused a really bad burn-like rash. This was in spite of using the barrier paste and stuff like that. I tried 2 different brands (Hollister and ConvaTec) and it didn't make any difference. My stoma is in my belly button too, so it was hard to get a tight seal. Trust me, they are not worth it. Pregnancy bellies itch enough without another thing irritating them .


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