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    Earlier I wrote about the pain medicine I took and now I have been prescribed with Gabapentin 300 twice a day, Cortigen once a day and Prednisolone twice a day. I have been taking them for about 5 days now but there is no change in the pain. I would like to know from the members who take Gabapentin about the dosage they take and whether it takes a long time for the pain to reduce. Also are there any side effects ? Thank you.

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    It is definitely good to get input from other gabapentin users but this medication is titrated (dose adjusted) upward until pain is relieved. You are on a marinally small dose right now so I would contact your doctor to see if an incrase is warranted. Clinicians start slow to make sure any side effects are noted early.


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    Hi, I take Gabapentin, 300mg - 3 times a day. I think mine is considered a pretty low dose as well. I still have burning/stabbing pains 24/7, but as yet, the neuorsurgeon has not raised my dosage. I have'nt noticed any side affects from the meds, although I can tell if I've forgotten to take a dose. The pain becomes much more intense.

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    I also take 300mg - 3x a day. I used to take three times that amount, but could not deal with the fog in my head, and ramped back down to the low dose. I still have some burning cold pain, but most days it is bareable. The side effects I noticed was increase appitite and weight gain. That is under control now. Even this low dose causes me to have a foggy head, but not nearly as bad as it was on the higher dose. I had diffuculty putting together a coherent sentence!

    I started on Neurontin, and adjusted to generic gabapentin with no problem. Then the pharmacy changed manufacturers which caused me big trouble. I suffered what I figure was drug withdrawal. I always warn people to be aware that the little yellow capsules do not work as well as the bright orange ones.

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    Thanks for the replies. I was told to come in 2 weeks to check the progress. So maybe the doctor will increase the dosage when I visit him again.

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    I take 2400mg of Gabapentin a day for burning pain and allodynia. Don't get a lot of relief but it is better then nothing. Increased dose dose not seem to help. Side effects are that I get sleepy easily, memory is affected, weight gain and edema in my feet. Tried Lyrica and did not get improved relief. You might want to check the Pain section of this site as many are on various pain medication as well as Gabapentin.

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    when i was on neurontin i had better relif with it 4 times a day, the half life is around 5.30 hours, 4 times a day keeps it at more steady state , same daily dose .
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