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Thread: Working from home..

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    Working from home..

    I tried my best to look for threads started about this topic.

    I was wondering if anyone works from home and if so what do you do?

    I looked online from different things, but don't want to get scammed into some BS. I go once again tomorrow to take my written/driving test with doctors medical report in hand. I wont be able to get a car until next year because I've spent so much money on this other crap. So, I want to save my pennies over the winter. Until then I was wonder if anyone has found or heard of a legit job from the internet for working at home.


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    There are a lot of scams. What work experience or skills do you have? Most of those who work successfully at home are working in the same field they worked in at a workplace. Ideas include web design/master, investment counseling, tutoring on-line, marketing, etc.

    Do you need more education to be able to get a job? Do you have a vocational plan with DOR/DVR? Many times this will include payment (partial or full) for an adapted vehicle.

    Is there some reason you cannot work away from home? There are perks for this including the social aspects that you cannot get working by yourself in your home.

    In addition, most often if you are working at home alone you will earn too much for SSI or Medicaid, but not enough to afford private health insurance, unless you have a position with a large company that provides you with a group plan. What do you plan to do for that?

    Moving this over to the Work forum.


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    Sorry I put it in the wrong spot.

    My last job was waitressing. (woohoo) I have to say I did love it though.

    I need to get my GED.

    I'm not sure what DOR/DVR is, but google is my friend so I will look it up.

    I have no transportation at this time to work out of the home. I also worry because my bladder is very active and when I've gotta go its NOW.

    The last thing I need to do is lose my insurance. I was thinking about a part-time job for now until I can get things going for myself. Just a little something to put some extra change in my pocket w/o losing my ssdi or insurance.
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    Try I have heard that others on this site and elsewhere have had success with them.

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    Well, after reading it I won't be able to do it. I had a friend take my computer to his work to fix it and I gave him my Windows XP disc, but the guy that ended up fixing it put a bad copy on and now I can't update my computer. Needless to say I never got my original version back.
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    If you go to the xp site, you can "get genuine" copy of windows for around $160, and then you will be able to update. Maybe this will help.

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    i have 4 bedrooms upstairs and 2 full baths that nobody is using. i was thinking of starting a brothel.
    oh well

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    I work "from home" (i.e. I don't go into an office)... I run a small marketing-based business, do various contract jobs, etc. Gets the bills paid. I have a private insurance plan ($$$, but worth it for the flexibility I have w/ my schedule).

    Dunno what you're interested in, but check out , specifically

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    Thanks all
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