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Thread: Not sure where to post this...

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    Not sure where to post this...

    So here it goes. I am a bestfriend and caregiver to a 57 year old SCI complete, she has just been diagnosed with uterine cancer 2 months ago. First question would be to anyone knowing of any other SCI's with this secondary disease. If not, I am hoping to get all the help I can on here as far as support and strength from all of you. My friend is in the hospital right now. A week ago friday was her first chemotherapy, all went well, we were actually shocked. Spoke too soon.. On that Monday, she was struck and struck hard, of course being as independent and strong willed as she is, she just thought she was very cold and tired. By the time I got her talked into going to hospital it was 3pm, her fever was 105, she had a UTI they said at local hospital , they then were transfering her to her cancer doctors via ambulance transport 90 miles away. Later, it was known she had the infection go from UTI to kidneys and all through her blood system. As of yesterday her white blood cells were very very low. She keeps speaking of being able to come home. I have researched to find something to go by.. And there just isn't anyone or place that has been able to assist in this matter. Thanks for any immediate responses from my post.. Andie

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    I am very sorry about the difficult situation your friend is in, and you as well. You are commended for being such a wonderful, caring friend.
    I hope you find the carecure site is helpful in terms of support and information. I believe you will.

    What you are describing (the chemo and delayed ill feelings, the fever and fatigue) are quite common after chemotherapy. The chemotherapy takes its toll on both the cancer cells as well as one's protective blood cells and often a person develops neutropenia, which can cause these symptoms.
    AS for information, I would ask the oncologist to refer you to a local chapter of American Cancer Society, and any community cancer support groups for uterine cancer. There are tons of books on the topic.

    Your friend has special needs as SCI but going through cancer treatment, she has many many needs similar to any AB person with cancer. A good oncologist's social worker should have knowledge of many community resources.

    In the short term, any acute changes (such as fever, infection symptoms) should be reported and treated promptly by your oncologist. Being in a large medical center that offers both SCI care and oncology would be a good recommendation, but I have seen this communication occur by phone with good results.

    What geographic area do you live in?


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    Thank you so much AAD, I appreciate your message, your concern and your support. I was looking for a site like this one for a long while. I just came acrossed in my searches.. Don't even know how I made it here. This past week has been a toll on both my friend and I.. I live in the northern east corner of Iowa and cross the Mississippi River to get to my friend on a daily basis. Right now she is in the hospital, and I am not sure when she will be able to come home. Her white blood cells are low. They said she is needing 2000, and they have been at 600. I don't know how many injections it will take to get her count back where they feel comfortable in letting her come home. I know that is all she wants. She has been stating that she has some decisions to make. I am not sure she will continue with the therapy or not. Thanks Again.. Andie

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    I'm glad you found us. What a horrible situation for your friend; lucky to have you though!
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