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Thread: Vitamin D

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    Vitamin D

    I am a C4/5 quadriplegic and I recently visited a physiatrist. My injury occurred 20 years ago and I've never been on any type of calcium. He suggested I be on 500 international units of vitamin D. The problem being, I can only find it in 400 international units. Does this sound right?

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    i would just take a multi-vitamin where you get 100% of the RDA of the key vitamins and minerals

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    People who use wheelchairs for anay reason tend to be deficient in Vitamin D. If you have prescription drug coverage ask your doctor to test your blood vitamin D level. I always ate right and 2 years post SCI needed 6 months of 50,000 IUs every other day to play catch up. Might want to ask about calcium too since the two are needed together to maintain bone.

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    Vitamin D in your diet is rarely sufficient even if you drink fortified milk. Unless you get at least 2 hours of sunlight a day, your body cannot make the vitamin D you need. Many multivitamins do not have sufficient vitamin D either, as there is a fear that you could get an overdose (it is a fat-soluable vitamin). Most people with SCI should take either a multivitamin and extra vitamin D, or a vitamin D and calcium combination product.


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