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Thread: Mac and Me: Wheelchair Scene

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    Quote Originally Posted by doingtimeonmyass
    I realize that, but there's always that one person in a crowd who will try anything.
    Probably me! I love a good hill and since there were no cars at the end of this hill - why not!?

    I did finally purchase some gloves so I am more capable of stopping on bigger hills. After almost hitting my truck the other day from almost not stopping I thought I better do something different.
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    That clinches it, I'm definitely getting a Mac.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Juke_spin
    Hey Bob, it's nice to see that the Amazon battery ripoff saga has finally been replaced by the (current) tale of misbegotten corporate woe. It's a much better tale and, with its focus on an essential w/c part, more appropriate to the forums.
    Hi Steve,

    The Amazon Battery rip-off saga is my favorite because of the treble cost of shipping a $2.50 battery.

    I just received another "Statement" from my DME (Advanced Vehicle Modifications) informing me that I owe them another $36.60 for "adjustment". Whatever that is. Nothing on this Statement, Invoice or Bill is itemized. Under "Reference" there are some numbers and the words "medicare" and "adjustment". Under the "Description" column it's just written "Payment"... 9 times. Then there is the "Amount" column listing 11 different amounts. What?

    So far they have been paid $2,549.75 for a Quickie GPV ($759 at SpinLife online) and a Jay2 Cushion ($299 I think at SpinLife) from Medicare and me. I personally paid all $36 for an additional cushion cover. An extra cushion cover is considered a "luxury" item so Medicare won't cover a cent of that. But I think that's enough money for Advanced Vehicle Modifications.

    Now they want another $36.60 for... hell, I don't know. I guess they expect me to pay on this POS chair forever. It's over a year old now.

    Gonna give 'em a call on Thursday or Friday (tomorrow is Dentist day... no, I don't wanna go) and inform them that they've received the last penny that they're gonna get out of me. Fuckin' sue me. But I think I'll call Medicare first and see what they have to say about this type of Statement or Billing procedure. Maybe they can explain it to me in some detail.

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    LOL that kid got owned via a cliff.
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    The best part is when the brake snaps. Too freakin' funny.

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    's a cute movie but I have kids so I have to watch stuff like that. Kind of like ET but with coke instead of reeses.
    I go and talk to kids in schools about disabilities. Sometimes the kids watch that movie if they have a free time or earn movies for good behavior before I come. It gets them thinking that kids in wheelchairs are "normal" people who do "normal" things. Aside from befriending aliens and jumping off cliffs that is..... Which actually looked like a lot of fun.

    Anyone know any other movies with kids in chairs?
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    I've seen this movie too many times. I don't care if it rated as sucky, it's a cute one. I too have a (now 15 yr old) kidlet and have seen my share of kid movies. Both D and the x sperm donor used to make the Mac Face just for the heck of it.

    Mac & Me was basically a project set to ride on the coattails of ET and was funded by McDonalds and Coke. As an adult, sit and watch just to count product placements. It's nuts.

    Another one that falls into the "seen too many times" besides ET is Enemy Mine with Quaid and Gossett, Jr.

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    Well after this thread we decided to get out this movie and watch it. My daughter had a friend over who had never seen it. At the end she said that movie really really sucks. I asked her why and she says " The dang alien brought him back to life and he still can't walk??????" I just shook my head and said welcome to the reality of spinal cord injury darling. But it 's just a movie.
    If you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best.

    Sometimes it is easier to widen doors than it is to open minds.

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