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Thread: REcover road = mandatory pain

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    REcover road = mandatory pain

    Just wondering i am a t5 complete no pain at all really besides what an able bodied indivudla would feel sitting in a chair for the amount of time we sit in chairs.

    But the recoardy road for sci is mandatory random pain everywhere? So if we suddenly get a cure where it's a wild cocktail of stem cells nad nerve growth factors continually pumped into your back everyday. Expect extreme pain for years if not a lifetime?

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    No way! I'm a c6/7 with no pain (except like u said - normal ab style pain). I am thankful for this everyday. For one 24 hour period back in rehab I had intense, tear-enducing burning pain in my legs. They loaded me up on oxycodone which helped, but affected my vision - so after only two days they d/c'd it. I was terrified the pain would return, but it never did. I've had significant return so far - almost all my muscles work; usually just not at the same time or when i want them to, but im working on it. I'm now standing at a parallel bar for 1+hrs and able to do shallow squats while standing. Recovery does not need to come with abnormal pain.

    "ιn ѕoмe wayѕ ι love everyтнιng. ιт’ѕ leѕѕ oғ a тнιng тнan 'lιĸe'…leѕѕ dιѕтιncт. leѕѕ…parтιcυlar. ι lιĸe тнιngѕ тнaт ι lιĸe вυт ι love everyтнιng. тнere’ѕ мore cнoιce ιn ‘lιĸe’. вecaυѕe even тнe worѕт тнιngѕ нave тнιngѕ тo love ιn тнeм. ι love тнιngѕ ѕo мυcн ι ғeel lιĸe ι coυld ғloaт away."

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