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Thread: A question about a broken leg

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    A question about a broken leg

    I broke my leg a week ago, I broke my tibia near the ankle. The hospital hasnt casted my leg because of swelling and I also have a history of skin breakdown in the area of the break. I am a T12 para 12 years post injury.

    I was wondering if you could offer some advise on what's typically the best treatment.

    Thank you,

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    Welcome to Care Cure John, although I must admidt, for a second there I was wondering "broken leg? why is he here then ....." Then I kept reading. Until you get some new advice, there are a LOT of threads about broken legs here. (I guess it is pretty common, we must be a bunch of klutzes! <<<<< lol that was a joke).

    But here are a few to get you started. I used the search function, on the blue bar, for broken leg. It brought up a lot of extraneous stuff as well, so here are some that from the thread title seem appropriate.

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    Hi John,.

    Welcome to carecure. I hope you find good information and many friends here!

    It is difficult to know the extent of your fracture from your question above. Much depends on your level of injury, your functional status, the extent of the break (is it complete or not, does it protrude through the skin, etc) and your history of skin problems. These factors are all taken into account in recommending the best treatment.

    Are you seeing an orthopedist that has experience with SCI patients? That would be the best. I have seen some people who have immobilization of the bone without casting (such as air splints, good positioning,etc) and who heal well. Good communication with your orthopedic doctor is essential and discuss all options.

    Hope that helps and reviewing of the other threads will be valuable.


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    When do you go to see the doctor? I hope you see a doctor that has some experience in SCI and orthopedics.

    Take care of your skin and be sure to let us and the nurses know what going on, this way we can share our experiences with you.
    Dave H

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    Update on my broken leg

    I had an appt with my doctor who sent me to an ortopedic doctor. The orthopedic doctor put a plastic boot on my foot and calf area. he wants to see me in 3 weeks, I'm very concerned about my skin since I have a history of severe skin breakdown in this area of my foot and leg. The doctor told me to take off the boot daily and inspect the skin. But I'm concerned that taking my leg out of the boot daiy will disturb the healining process for my leg.

    Anyone experience anything similiar or have any advice?


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    Surepress absorbent padding by Convatec underneath? That's what I use when I'm using a compression bandage (Coban) on my feet (if I know I'm going to be up for an extended period of time which is rare).

    The surepress is like a thick cotton and I'm amazed by no marks on my legs or feet after using it! Maybe ask the doctor if it would hurt? Hate to see you have more problems, especially if you're pressure sore prone.
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    That sounds like a great idea-to put something between the skin and hte boot. Taking the boot off daily to inspect the skin is critical! Maybe even twice dialy at the beginning. It should not effect the healing. Most people are told they can take the boot off daily to shower.

    Discuss your concerns with your doctor- they are very valid questions and should be addressed to ensure good healing.


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