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Thread: my wife needs sleep

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    not necessarily negative thoughts, just thoughts in general. ever tried meditation? i do reverse psychology on myself: i say to myself, fine stay awake all night, see if i care! haha, it works sometimes

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    Yeah actually they can be any thoughts in general as even when a person is very happy and thinking about it, it will be a barrier in getting sleep.

    Meditation seems to be a very effective way in getting off all the negative energy and thoughts out of the mind and also makes one focused in life so that’s a good suggestion mimin and I like your idea of reverse psychology but what you do when you try to stay awake…. watch TV, play PC games, or any other activity in which you make yourself busy or do you just lie down on the bed??
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    just lie in bed; did the same thing pre-sci too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by spike
    Yes, we talk about drugs. I've been so against putting chemicals in my bod my entire life which is why I haven't taken sleeping pills. Of course now being SCI, I am a walking pharmacy, it shouldn't bother me!

    We have talked about the 'whys' of me not sleeping. Sometimes I am uncomfortable and need to flip when I just can't do it. Mike works hard in the heat all day... I feel bad having to wake him up, so I just lay there doing isometrics, watch tv or just thinking. Other times my legs or hips will do the super-spaz and after a while of trying everything I can to stop it, I will wake him up. But I wait till I just can't stand it anymore.

    I think most of the time though, I am just wide awake after a good 1-2 hour nap and lay there. Before I got hurt, I would lay awake and think in the middle of the night. That's when I would get my most creative ideas for work or solve a challenge I was stuck on. Maybe this is just like that, just pretty darn inconvenient when I work so hard in therapy or the garden!!

    Thanks for all of the input! I'm glad I'm not alone out there!!
    I find that I go through periods like this. I dont take any sleep drugs though....plenty of others LOL. I find I sleep easier if I do a ritual at night, kind of like relaxing your body before you hit the bed. Mine happens to be reading for a while to relax and destress from the day. Then I get interested in a book and cant put it down, then end up staying up reading all night. LOL You cant win with SCI....

    Seriously though if this is something that is constant then you may want to try something for sleep. I used to work a job where I dreaded the commute there so much that I couldnt sleep at night. I only lasted three months but I took one tylenol PM about three hours before I went to bed. The only problem is sometimes you feel hungover in the morning.

    Good seems you are doing well otherwise.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mimin
    just lie in bed; did the same thing pre-sci too!
    That’s one of the toughest things for me to do I guess because my mind can’t stop its thinking process if there are issues in it and I’m looking to get some sleep. The thoughts just don’t get out from there till its high time and I go to sleep unknowingly.
    I’m sure there has to be a cure for that as well.
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    I am not injured myself but since my son's accident I find that I have periods where I wake in the middle of the night and don't get back to sleep till 3 or 4 hours. Carecure has been one of the reasons.

    I generally find these very productive as it is usually when I can mull over issues and plan what we are going to do next. Also I find it less frustrating to do something ie plan/read so that eventually I get tired and do fall asleep rather than the spending time trying to "get back asleep".

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    If she is a new injury I think its common.

    It would feel like I went weeks without sleep. It was just closing my eyes basically and I actually started hallucinating so they jacked me up on sleeping pills which didn't help.
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