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Thread: Falling asleep while cathing

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    Falling asleep while cathing

    My husband went into our son's room early this morning to find him asleep with a full cath bag and tube still in place (also urine everywhere) Apparently he stayed up late and fell asleep while cathing.
    Have any of you done this? I don't know what to think.

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    I've been cathed and never woke up. What meds is he on?

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    He caths himself and fell asleep in the process.

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    No offence, but that's funny!.. I can just picture it... hehhe sorry,

    I know people who fall asleep mid forkfull of food... But not cathing.. For me, I think I'd be specially aware while "playing" in that region.

    What to think....I'd laugh and tell him he's a fool for staying up to late. And make him try to clean it up.

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    I've fallen asleep cathing before. Always before I got the catheter all the way in, so no mess, but I still felt strange waking up in seeing what was happening. It hasn't happened since I stopped taking zanaflex at night.

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    This happens to me all the time I get the cathader in and start to drain into the urinal and next thing I know I am out like trout, when I wake up I just hope that the cathader is still sticking in side the urinal and not out otherwise it's a mess but I have never had any ill effects from it

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    Wow - that is craziness. How old is he? Any chance he was drunk? Cathing is not at all comfortable for me. There's no way in hell I could fall asleep with a mentor stuck up my unit.
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    Sleeping? Or a drop in blood pressure?

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    Never done it myself but guys in hospital did it several times. I wouldn't worry
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    i've fallen asleep in the pool while doing my aqua therapy and i thought that was bad! he must've been shot for shit.

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