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Thread: Replacement Dragon discs

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    Replacement Dragon discs

    my Dragon discs are really scratched up and I need to get replacements. I've been having a lot of problems lately and nose is going to reinstall the program. I searched nuances website and couldn't find an answer. Does anyone know if they'll replace my discs if I have the serial numbers and all that?
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    My recollection is that Nuance will send you a replacement DVD. There may be a $20 replacement fee. I would start by calling their customer service number.

    Good luck.

    Have you tried to clean or remove the scratches on the DVD?
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    Just another thought.

    I don't know what version you have but if it is version 10 you could download the update 10.1 which is a full version update and burn it to disc.

    Of course there are various unmentionable sites where you can download almost every version of Dragon and burn to disc if you want to use your serial number and save some money.

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