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Thread: Playing a CD

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    Playing a CD

    I bought a CD of nursery rhymes for my daughter but I can't play it on the computer. It does not start automatically and when I double click the MPEGAV icon a whole lot of DAT files are there. When I try to open with meia player it says that one or more codecs could not be found. It is the same with real player and Quick time. In the CD the following was printed.

    This CD is a Video CD compliant with White Book Specification 2.0. It
    contains MPEG encoded content which can be played on any White Book compatible device. To enjoy the entire CD, the device should understand
    White Book 2.0 data structure and navigation.

    Compatible playback devices include:

    CD-i players with digital video cartridges
    Video CD 2.0 players
    PCs with MPEG playback hardware and companion playback software.

    Can I play this CD in my computer and if so what programme should I use?

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    What white book is

    It's not playing as, I think, it needs to be played in a DVD Player program. My computer would use InterActual player.

    Easiest way to find the right program would be to stick a DVD into your computer and see what plays it.

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