Dr. Wise Young will be keynote speaker to a North American Spinal Cord Injury Association meeting in Orlando at the end of the month. There will also be a consumer conference and expo with over 100 booths and breakout sessions that will include the topics I cut and pasted from the expo site (http://www.sciconference.org/free-di...ce-and-expo/):

Two Days Of Disability Sessions. 18 Sessions In All!

Oh the Pain! Pain Management
Assistive Technology Meets the Computer
Accessible Travel Planning
From Why Me? to What’s Next?
Durable Medical Equipment
Disaster and Emergency Preparedness
Self Advocacy
Let’s Talk About Sex
I’m Every Women
Family Affairs
Employment & Work Incentives
Universal Design
Regeneration Research
Entertainment & Accessibility

Dr. Wise Young's talk is entitled "Obstacles to Overcome in the Quest for a Cure." Over in the Cure forum, Patricia (a moderator), seems to be organizing some kind of Care Cure get-together with Dr. Wise Young at the conference. I would like to go, but I found out too late. If anybody does go, could they please post their experiences and opinions about the conference and expo. I'd appreciate it.

Here is a link to Patricia's Cure thread: http://sci.rutgers.edu/forum/showthread.php?t=86242