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Thread: My Son is Going Home

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    My Son is Going Home

    I just posted on the "New SCI" forum, so I won't repeat it all-
    but Adam (C-5, incomplete- 11 mos- Post) is finally going home, again.

    But this time is to his Mom's (his sister tried to take him in, before), & he now qualifies for Medicaid, and waivers (home health aides +++)
    after having to live, since February, in a nursing home.

    He's to be discharged tomorrow (8/17).
    I'm going to visit hiim tonite.
    We're all very hopeful that this time it'll turn out OK for him.
    Bob B
    SCI - Parent

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    Good luck to all of you. It will be an adjustment for everyone - but hopefully it will get better as you get the routine down that works best for him and you all.
    Please write with any questions!

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