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Thread: 11 Mos Post, & My Son is Going Home

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    11 Mos Post, & My Son is Going Home

    Just an update.
    My son (C-5, incomplete) did go out from his first hospitalization into a home environment last Dec (3 1/2 mos post). His sister took him in, but he became too much for her to handle.
    In and out of 3 (or is it 4?) hospitals (all UTI related) from Dec. to Feb. His last hospitalization (in Feb.) had him discharged to a 'managed care facility' for 2 weeks of intensive IV antibiotic (UTI) and he just stayed on, after that.
    Finally, a soc worker at the nursing home, gave him the start-up help he needed - and applications for all the (Medicaid) waivers, (that he couldn't qualify for, at his sisters' house) and home health care, to be able to go home once more.
    His Mom (an R.N.), with a new apartment in a handicap accessible building (its not a 'real' handicap accessible apt, tho- but he's able to navigate in it very well) will be taking him in, this time.
    He's much more independent, rides the "Mobility" vans to, and from, therapy- and anyplace else he wishes to go (malls, visits, doc appts) all alone, without the need for anyone to assist him.
    He's had an sp put in, and is stronger - and can shift his body positions himself. He no longer needs turning at nite... he does it.
    We shall see how he fares this time. I'm very hopeful.

    I'd like to note that finding this site, very early in his recovery- has been a Godsend.
    and all of the people who contribute and post on these forums has helped me (and, in turn-my son) so very much that I do not have words thankful and grateful enough.
    I have learned much here. I have had fears dispelled. I have heeded warnings. I have had sound advice. CareCure has been a fountain of help and assistance.
    All the SCI Nurses' help has been wonderful, and very helpful.
    To those of you, very new SCI's and relatives, that are reading this.....use it (all the forums, and links) wisely...
    and to your advantage.
    (Oh, BTW - I still come here, to the "Care"forum, daily.
    CareCure continues to be a source of valuable information to me)
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    Bob B
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    I find it encouraging your taking a active roll in your sons life. The SP will help a lot, I know having one has for me as far as increased independence. Getting on Waiver and in to his own place is another great step. good luck. isnt carecure great!?

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    Ok, I should probably know this, but what's an SP?

    Bob, it's great to hear that he seems to be doing real well, thanks for sharing!

    If you think he might like bowling, see below or let me know.

    - Bill :-)
    Wheelchair users -- even high-level quads... WANNA BOWL?

    I'm a C1-2 with a legit 255 high bowling game.

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    I'm so glad to hear he got over the hump. I felt so bad for you all when he was dismissed and you were unprepared. That first year of SCI is kind of unbelievably brutal, isn't it? So much of the healing can only come with time...

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    I agree with your opinion on CC. I also have found very valuable for me ( and my family). I too am 11 months post. I am happy for your son. Way to go!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BillMiller823
    Ok, I should probably know this, but what's an SP?
    Suprapubic catheter?

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