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Thread: some news about raven

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    Heal well girl. I don't know with all of your health issues you can take it but..Naturalized Spectravite vita/mineral formula really seems to help promote knitting of older bones. If the limb though shows osteoporosis..most likely won't hurry it along much..don't know.
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    ((((((hugs and love Raven)))))) Heal soon
    T12-L2; Burst fracture L1: Incomplete walking with AFO's and cane since 1989

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    Hi Raven,

    I am really sorry to read about your broken foot. If it's not one thing it's another. I will be in touch.

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    Raven, Dear Friend...

    You know that old saying they tell actresses when they want to say good luck in your performance but you do not tell them good luck, you say break a leg???

    Well...WHY did you follow that advice so literally???

    Yes, I am trying to make you smile.

    Sorry to hear you are having such a situation as this...

    Please take care and know you are in my thoughts/prayers...

    God bless you AND that precious family of yours...and especially you and Nick...

    hugs, prayers, love,


    PS--I would have PMed you, but right now I actually have 500 PM's in my PM box...I need to use my delete key more often!!!

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    Hi Raven and "Oh so kind son of hers!"
    Thanks for the update, just to let you know, Dan has a fracture, tib and fib left leg. It is a spiral fracture. The good news is that she may be able to heal rather quickly. Thankfully Dan got a good report last visit, only 4 wks post. I know she knows all the supplements to take.
    Give her our best,
    Cathy and Dan J

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    Sorry to hear about the broken bones Raven. Here's hoping you heal well, soon, and pain free!

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    Thumbs up Thank you all ....

    from the bottom of my heart. All your replies have touched my heart and given me encouragement. I cannot type much since I am attempting it with the keyboard sideways but I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all your thoughts, well wishes and replies. Nick will post more later on.

    Again, thank you all my friends.


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    Hope things are healing fast for you. Sorry you have to go through this.

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    Hi Raven,,,,,, 'will send you prayers for healing, Positive thoughts 'n Smiles to you,,,,


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    sorry for the delayed reply. been keepin up with isis, raven and making lots of food.

    both raver and i wanted to thank everyone for their support and kind words. i have an idea tonight to see if i can extend the cable on her keyboard so she can get online and reply like usual.

    she did want me to let you all know that she is very greatful for everyone's words of comfort. mom also had a good laugh at a few responses too.

    Lindox thanks for that suggestion. We're gonna check into that and see if it can help out too. She hasnt taken her calcium in about a month, so we;re also going to get her started again on that too.

    cathy_j, mom was really optimistic after reading your reply also. her bone also broke in a spiral way. her orthopedic (who has been the greatest type of dr anyone could ask for, she needs more like him) told her that her break is like when you get a piece of chalk and twist it and break it..

    her orthopedic wants her leg checked frequently, with the diabetes and so on it makes it a bit worse. he made out an order type of thing for her idiot nurse.. she gets the feeling he doesn't really want to make the trip out to the house everyday to do that. when he came he started going on about how medicaid will probably not pay for it, and that they will most likely want for him to show me to do it or something. personally i'd prefer it that way, if it's too much of a trouble for him, he probably isn't going to do a very good job of it. we've kinda found a little method for removing the cotton gauze things and such so we're managing well without his help. I just worry .. don't want to make her leg worse or anything.

    again sorry for the delayed reply.. and thanks from me personally for making my raver laugh and the support. <333


    ps .
    Mary, thanks for the help and i'm getting that info for you together to make it a little easier for you to work with. Sorry for the delay, you can get my yahoo info in my profile.

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