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Thread: some news about raven

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    some news about raven

    I won't go too much into detail about the problems mom has been having with this motorized chair lately. You can see all that in the equiptment forum.
    Basically her old manual chair gave out and she's been having to use this motorized one for a little over a month now. This motorized chair is waaay too accelerated and she's having a problem getting used to it.
    Lately she's also had alot of problems with spasms too, so about a week ago she was resting her right leg on the outside of her footrest. As she was making a turn she hit it pretty bad.
    It got swollen and turned red a bit. She sais at first she thought it was just swelling since her other leg was swollen a little too, so she took her diuretic for about three days until she noticed it was red too. She told the nurse, who comes by once a week, about it and the only thing he told her was,
    obviously that wasn't alot of help, so she told her therapist about it too. he said if it wasnt better on monday to go to her doctor. well we finally went today and it turns out that it is broken. i'm not sure how exactly to describe the xrays but the note that the dr. gave us for the idiot nurse sais something about Fx tib/fib ?
    just wanted to let everyone know why raven isn't really posting much on here. she's got a half-cast on and its hard for her to type sideways. she's on here reading tho, so you can all say hello. ask any questions you may have and such.
    thanks for reading

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    She broke both bones in her lower leg below the knee. Poor women. I sure hope she heals quick. The best of luck to you all.

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    Hi Raven;

    We love you and wish you the best.

    Thanks to your son for filling us in.

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    heal fast and take care of yourself.

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    Hi Raven~ Sorry yo hear about your leg. Heal fast and go easy. Thanks for having Nick post.
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    Heal quickly and blessings to you, Raven.

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    Just caught this - oh no! If it isn't one thing it's another! Mend quick!
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    Heal Soon. Get rid of that motor chair. Think of ya often Raven, my yard is full of them. (ravens)

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    and a {{{{hug}}}} Raven ...... take care of dem bones ... heal quick and be free of pain!

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    mend quick!!
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