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    thinking about a vacation probably sometimes on November... does anyone knows a wheelchair friendly country? how about Cuba? Hawaii? Australia?

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    I've been to Hawaii stayed on Oahu at Waikiki beach. I found it pretty accessible & I would definately go back.

    I went to Jamaica this past winter and stayed at an all inclusive resort. I didn't have any problems with the resort so much. The bathroom was a little goofy set up, but I managed. Being an all inclusive resort we only left the resort one day. Everyone was very friendly and willing to help out in any way possible. I had to be lifted onto a few buses, but there was plenty of guys around willing to help.
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    One of our members rents out his condo in Maui-

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    Wheelie Girl , there are quite a few members here who have been to Hawaii , along with a number of posts outlining their experiences . Regarding Cuba , a few years ago MK99 [a T4 from Toronto] went there for a holiday , perhaps it might be worth PMing/emailing him for info .

    As for Australia , I'd be prepared to try and answer any questions you have [I'm a C5/6 incomplete who travels by myself] . In the last two years I have travelled twice to the US and done some airline trips within Australia . In brief , Australia is pretty much like the US [and I imagine Canada] , generally accessible but frustrations do occur at times . In short , travelling by yourself would be doable with good preparation and patience [at times] , while travelling with an AB would pretty much be a breeze .

    One thing you may have to consider with your destination is the temperatures at that time of year . November is my favourite time of the year in this part of the world , but it might be a bit warm to someone from the frozen north .

    Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about Australia .
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    Have you considered this place? I have not been there, but it looks intriguing:


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