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Understand that wep security is easily bypassed with hacker software. USE WPA plus mac filters.

A router should be secured, set to cast off pings and limited only to the mac addresses of the machines you trust to gain access to the internet through your IP Address.

Since she'll be in a college comunity it is important to also use the mac filter to allow only computers that she specifies to have access through her WiFi. College students have lots of time on their hands and love to steal other people's signals - they can do so in a day or two if you don't really secure your network.

When setting up your WiFi also change the name of the ssid and the address of the router (usually it is or or or something) if you simply change it then if someone wants to take control of your router they can't find it.

Be smart and be safe.

Sort on/off topic........ MAC filtering slows you down more than a CRACKER... not a hacker. MAC spoofing is SOOOOO simple.

WEP encryption can be done in less than a minute, and WPA time is dependant on the strength of your key. As currently cracking is done with a dictionary attack, thus key isn't in a dictionary, it ain't getting cracked.

Changing the internal IP does nothing, once you get on the router you type ipconfig /all and windows spitz that all out.

However, one thing not said is to change the default router password.. There is an attack going around that uses default passwords to open ports via the router config page.