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Thread: wider or something Hoyer lift

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    wider or something Hoyer lift


    Now that Anthony has his power wheelchair his lift does not spread wide enough or the top of it where he is in the sling does not put him directly over his seat and it is unsafe to get him into his chair now. The lift that we have from Baycare, I don't know if it is ours yet, does not spread apart wide enough to go around his power wheelchair. It is cumbersome to get him safely into the chair now. What kind of lifts do others have that would be wide enough to go around. Baycare said this is the only kind they have and that usually people have to get a ceiling lift. I can't believe that all ppl with this problem HAVE to get a ceiling lift as they are expensive and not everyone can afford one. I have to measure the base of the hoyer we have now and compare it to others. Does anyone have any measurements of their hoyer lift that spreads wide enough to safety put the person directly over the seat? and/or does the top arm have to be longer or something. Thanks
    Cindy Waters
    mom to Anthony, right c5, left c4 (24yo)
    injury march 2003

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    Hoyer is a brand of mobile lift. Is that the brand you actually have? If so, which model do you have? I assume Baycare is your DME. They sound like they don't know much about mobile lifts, other than they want to sell you a ceiling track lift. They are great, but as you say, expensive.

    Virtually all mobile lifts have a widening base feature. I recommend a power lift vs. manual if at all possible. I would suggest checking out the Liko Golvo or Liko Light. If he is obese as well, there are bariatric lifts that will go even wider, but they are more difficult to store.

    You can find information with links to many lift companies and their products here:
    (click on the Technology Resource Guide, which is a Word Document).

    Don't purchase anything without trying it out first. If your vendor/DME does not have what you need to try, contact the company directly to find another vendor in your area.


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    have you tried SUREHANDS?

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    Thumbs up voyager portable

    I use the voyager portable by bhm medical.

    The greatest thing about it is that you can mount ceiling tracks in multiple locations and move the lift as needed. I have tracks in 3 different houses and take the lift with me where ever I stay. There are also portable tracks in case mounting ceiling tracks is not an option.

    I just love the lift because it has enabled me to live alone without a caregiver for 5 years now.

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    Surehands and Voyager are ceiling lifts. They are both good, but relatively expensive.
    It's hard to imagine that a regular hoist will not spread its legs enough to get around a power chair. Does your hoist have a lever to spread the legs? What is the width of the chair? Like KLD says, do not buy a lift or let your insurance buy one for you, without making sure it's exactly what you need by trying it out.
    - Richard

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    surehands are available in roll around models also not just ceiling mounts

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    thanks we were given a simple solution by his PT and that was to turn his chair around and lower him in from the back!! It worked perfectly and inexpensive to amazing how simple things are right in front of your face sometimes and you feel like DUH!
    Cindy Waters
    mom to Anthony, right c5, left c4 (24yo)
    injury march 2003

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