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Thread: wish us luck

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    wish us luck

    I am new here so let me give u some back ground info. I have twin girls age 17, on March 1st they were in a tragic car accident, leaving both of them with spinal injuries. They are coming home today. Cindy has a injury at c5 and Mindy at c3. Cindy could have come home earlier but waited so it could be done together. We have got out home ready but im a nervous wreck. Pray for us and give me some what to expects

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    Welcome aboard. It would help a lot if you would fill out your profile some, you'll get a lot more answers and more specific information that way.

    Wow! you guys really got hit hard. As far a what to expect? The unexpected. It will be harder than you ever thought at first. And in 6 months you'll look back and see how far you have all come. I recommend keeping a journal during these days. For a number of reason: keep up with which girl gets which meds and when. Mark off when they are taken. Cathing schedules, Bowel schedules, PT schedules, turning, EVERYTHING. Also, put down when one of the reaches a milestone, put own socks on today or spend 4 hours off the vent. Don't be too surprised if one or both gets re-admitted within the first few weeks of release. Watch for skin issues, and UTI's.

    Then you have to start on tough love. If they can do it themselves, you have to let them do it. No matter long it takes, no matter how hard it is to watch and no matter how hard they cry or yell at you.

    My son was also 17 when he was injured. He's almost 3 years post (will be tomorrow ) and we've come a long way. He is a much lower (T12) injury, so there were many more things he can do for himself.

    Do you have any help? You'll need it. Where are you located? Not your address, but general location. Lot's of people here have lots of connections, so you can get some better help with better information.

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    Thank you for your response. The journel sounds good. I will start that today. I will update our profile if I figure it out , lol.

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    Golly. My utmost sympathies to all of you.
    I'm glad you found CareCure - you will get a lot of very useful information here. BeeBee's suggestion of keeping a journal is excellent. It's too easy to think "I'll remember that" - after 2 weeks you won't be quite sure, and week later it'll be gone.
    You have been told about turning. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to do whatever you can to avoid pressure sores. They are perhaps the most insidious effect of SCI - not as immediately obvious as all the other stuff like bowel, bladder, etc., but potentially deadly.
    - Richard

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    They have driven home to me the importance of turning and I will stay on top of that. We also will have some in home help as well. Mindy will require more care becasue of the vent but we are hopeful in time she can be wened off that at least some. Mindy at the current time has no movement, her sister has some arm movement but is weak. Neither has hands or fingers. Its been so hard doing this two at a time but I am so so thankful they made it that terrible night. They rolled after being hit by a drunk driver who didnt even get hurt. My older daughter will help me some with them as well.

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    My prayers are with you and your daughters. My son is 23 with a SCI and it has been almost two years now. I understand about being overwhelmed- it does get easier with time. Hang in there - your daughters need you.

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    I am really sorry to read this, and I do wish you the best of luck. It seems like the drunk drivers who cause these life changing crimes always seem to walk away without any injury. I don't know all the details, but my visceral reaction is that I hope you get a big fat settlement, and the judge throws the book at this felon.

    If you are looking for a charity that may be able to help you out, send me a private message.
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    God bless your girls and the best of luck. You are in the right place for questions and concerns but more importantly support. The people here are very helpful and wonderful and very suppotive. Never give up and someone is always here.

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    I'm sure you'll do fine, one day at a time. This is the place to be for info. There's two gals up in Toronto in the same situation for the past couple of years but they're both the same level.
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    My God. Lightning can strike twice. You have my prayers, squared. Help comes in many different forms. On these pages, it comes in the form of words. Read everything you can. These people are not only smart, they write some of the kindest words I've ever read. Some people say words don't help. But on here, they can give you comfort and knowledge. And we all can use both. Good luck, and may God bless. Please, let us know how things are going.
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