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Assisted waking isn't a cure and I'd argue almost anyone doing the intensive gait training would improve. By bladder and bowel, you mean the ability to self-manage your own bladder and bowel program, not that you won't need to cath or use digital stimulation to relieve yourself.
I did not say it was a cure, it is substantial progress.

A separate study is being done at Tongren Hospital in China without cells, only walking training (WT) or WT + untethering surgery. Preliminary results show 1/4 of subjects are regaining the ability to ambulate, but not nearly as well as in the ChinaSCINet Phase II. None regained bowel/bladder function. Most of the participants in Phase II went from being dependent for bowel/bladder care, to independent. Many no longer need to cath or do digital stimulation. This will all be analyzed much more closely in the IIb trials.
Bowel and bladder didn't come back until a year after treatment which suggests regeneration, as well the DTI images showing growth.